Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Shenanigans

I have always been BIG into celebrating holidays! Really, any holiday deserves to be celebrated! I have always loved celebrating St. Patrick's Day! I remember as a kid I was so excited and equally freaked out when my milk turned green at dinner, and we were served magic pudding for dessert! I wanted to freak my kids out just as much when it was my turn to start the celebrations!!!!!

For years we have made all green meals, made sure that we were dressed in all green outfits, and just spent the day enjoying all of the crazy things that Leprechauns do around our house!  Some years the kids have school and other years they have had sports, but you better believe there was some crazy shenanigans going on! (They even found gold coins in their helmets when they went up to bat at their tball game!)

I think this is my FAVORITE St. Patrick's Day because my Uncle just had his DNA tested and found out that my mom and uncles are 20% I am possibly 10% Irish.....AND I CAN OFFICIALLY WEAR THINGS THAT SAY "KISS ME I'M IRISH" AND NOT LOOK CRAZY!

Here are some of the fun things that our crazy Leprechauns get into at our house...

-Magic Milk (a touch of green food coloring in the bottom of their milk cup. Then "randomly" pull it out of the cabinet and add milk. They will see the white milk go in....and green milk IN their cup!)

-Magic Pudding!!!!!!!! See here for directions.

-Green Light bulb in their bedroom lamp!!!!! 

-Order green bread (or even rainbow bread) from your grocery store bakery!!!!!

-Make an entirely green meal, and invite their friends.  Have them each bring a green item to share and it is so fun to see what people come up with! 

-And this one makes me laugh every single year......Buy your kids Blue Gatorade the DAY BEFORE St. Patrick's Day......and their poop will be green and festive too! 

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And On a totally RANDOM and unrelated topic........I went to Walmart This morning in search of pool toys and dive sticks for my kids and their friends.  I ran across these very interesting Star Wars Dive Sticks and have not stopped laughing! I can guarantee you what will NOT be in our Easter Baskets this year! (but they DID make it home with us because I can not even wait to surprise my friends with these gifts!)  
I am also pretty sure that the person responsible for designing their Latest Star Wars Dive Sticks, is sitting at his desk laughing his tail off that they actually went into production! 

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