Friday, January 23, 2015

Proud Soccer Mom Style

I spend HOURS upon HOURS at the soccer field each week and I honestly love it! I played soccer growing up and some of my favorite memories include weekend tournaments with my team! I am excited to watch my kids get to experience the same thing with their teams and friends!  

This year both of my kids are on our local travel team, and that includes a total of 4 practices and at least 2 games a weekend.  To me, that is PERFECT! I feel like I have a season pass to watch my two favorite players enjoy my all time favorite sport.....WIN! 

This little guy was planning on "retiring" from soccer this past year and just playing baseball.  I totally let my kids choose the sports that they decide to play, because I am NOT going to argue or beg them to go to practices and games!  I admit, I was super sad when he mentioned giving the game up....but that's was his choice!  LUCKILY the week of tryouts, he saw a super cool soccer ball at the store and decided that he should probably try out in hopes that he would get this new ball! (little shit!)  Not only did he tryout and make the team (99% sure that EVERYONE made the team, lol!) but he is pretty much the rock solid star of his team.  He has fallen IN LOVE with soccer, practices daily at home, wants to be the first one at practice and last one to leave, and has a smile on his face the ENTIRE time he is playing!  THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT BRIGHT GREEN SOCCER BALL THAT KEPT MY LITTLE GUY IN THE GAME OF SOCCER!!!!!!!!

Kacey is on her 3rd year on the travel team! SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!!!! I swear that every single time she has the ball, she has a smile from ear to ear and I can actually hear her giggle!  It cracks me up every time and just warms my heart! She is excited to go to every single practice and game, and leaves every single game proud! (regardless of how she played or the outcome of the game...this girl is proud! ha!) Watching her bond with her teammates and coach just makes me so excited for the fun memories she will have forever! 

I know that I have shared this picture on here before but it still cracks me up!  I spent hours practicing, nights in hotels braiding hair and talking all hours of the night, and lots of blood sweat and tears with these girls!  I also think it is hilarious that my BFF and I (to the right of me) thought we were beyond cool when we would roll up our sleeves and tuck them under our sports bras! Total trendsetters! ha! I still keep in touch with a good chunk of these girls and that makes me so happy!!!! GOOOOO DAZZLE! (Yes, our team was named Dazzle ha!)

Last year I came up with a Soccer Mom Style board and it was geared towards super hot weather soccer....but we play soccer ALL YEAR LONG here in Florida and I wanted to add a long sleeve pullover to the mix!  This is what Chad likes to call...."Katie's Saturday Uniform" and I am totally okay with that!  

Soccer Pullover and Tshirt: I tried to design the shirts and choose the colors so that they would work for any soccer fan!  Last year I included red in the mix, and I had SEVERAL emails begging me to make it black and white so that they could wear it every season, regardless of the color team their child ended up on.  I listened...and I am loving the simplicity of it!  I just can't seem to do the bedazzled sports mom shirts, so this style really works for me! 

Tote Bag: A big open bag is pretty much NEEDED when you are a sports mom!  You will need a blanket in case it gets chilly, a small umbrella in case it rains, snacks because you will get so hungry watching others exercise, and a planner because every once and a while the coach will spring a new practice or game on you at the last min.  I really love this bag! (also comes in gold dipped) !!!!! I am still 100% on board with my old trusty bag....but I am thinking of adding the new tote to the mix.

Nikes: I like to wear sneakers to soccer games because I usually end up kicking the ball with my kids either before or after the game.  I just can't help it! I feel like any tennis shoes that aren't running shoes are basically dress shoes! :)

Jeans: I am totally trying these babies out!  I am a big fan of jeans that look old....feel old....but are new.  Jeans are my favorite and I feel that you can NEVER have too many!  These are currently on sale 30% off, but they are ALWAYS having 40% off sales, so just hold out and snag them the second they hit 40%. They are called "girlfriend" jeans instead of the old trusty "boyfriend" jeans.  I think these will work much better for me because my "boyfriend/husband" and I could never really share jeans anyways.

Chair:  Chad and I have had our share of chairs over the years!  We have purchased the $10 chair, the overpriced chair with umbrella and foot rest, and every chair in between.  I am OVER IT!  I just wanted a comfortable chair that I can have all season long, that will breath in the summer heat....and is comfortable.  I feel like we have found our favorite chair!  My favorite part is that it has a mesh back so that I can feel the breeze blowing instead of just blocking it with the usual backing. 

I have received lots of requests for other sport shirts as well.....lacrosse, dance, cheer, gymnastics, football, basketball.....and everything you can keep of! I honestly am trying to come up with something that I love.....but the truth is....I know soccer and baseball. I know what I want to wear as I support my kids....and I am hoping that I get some amazing idea for the other sports as well. :) 

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  1. I am really excited to see what new things you come up with. My three boys are all too young for organized sports, but I spent much of my youth cheering my sisters on on their travel teams, and my youngest sister plays college lacrosse.


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