Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Styles That I Have Fallen For

In Florida, we get a peek at Spring a little sooner than the rest of the world.  We have had our share of weather in the mid/upper 80's, several rain storms, and our nights are still chilly enough to enjoy.  There are plenty of us that have not stopped sneezing since the flowers bloomed, and we are all covered in bug spray each evening to avoid the billions of little mosquitos.  

My FAVORITE part of spring, is bringing out the tshirts and tanks and changing up my closet.  I love the change of seasons because just when you feel like I AM BORED WITH ALL OF MY CLOTHES, you get to put them away and bring out the next season's goods. 

I have put together a few outfit inspirations that I am loving. (SURPRISE.....shirts from my shop are my springtime faves!)

Outfit 1:
I have been LIVING in my Wine All The Time tank because it is the perfect loose fitting top! I wear it with leggings, tight jeans, and recently wore them with these high waisted jeans and tucked it in! LOVED IT! I purchased these jeans prior to our cruise because I thought they felt nautical, and I am surprised at how much I wear them!

Outfit 2:
I have had these jean shorts for YEARS! Possibly 7 years, and I love them! I don't like stretchy shorts AT ALL because nobody wants jeans hugging them when it is 90 outside! These sandals have been on my wish list for a few months, and I might just need to splurge on them. They just look like the softest leather and I am pretty sure I would wear them daily! (the brown is amazing as well, but I tend to wear a lot of gray so I think Black would work better for me!)

Outfit 3:
I want to live like a Mermaid at all times! Who doesn't want amazing beach hair, rock solid abs, and dolphin's as your BFF?!! Sounds like a no brainer!  This tank is loose enough that it doesn't hug you too tight, and I think that is super important in the summer!  These pants are also on my wish list! I am all about comfort and just want to walk around in pants that feel like pajamas!

My excitement of Spring has me wanting to put up a sale in the shop TODAY ONLY! (expires 3/31) Use Code "springtoit' to save 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!!!!

What are you loving this Spring? Or if you are still up to your knees in snow...what are you DREAMING about this Spring?   

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