Friday, March 13, 2015

Magic St. Patrick's Day Pudding

Surprise your favorite kids with a "MAGIC SNACK!!!"  All you have to do is buy Instant Pistachio pudding.....milk.....have a glass bowl.....and get to work! Definitely throw away the box because that is a total giveaway....but just let the kids pour the powder into a glass bowl....and when you add the milk it magically turns green!!!!!! TADA! 

This picture makes me laugh! I am pretty sure he was 2 or 3 here as we made the pudding....and he had obviously been eating green food all day long!  I have had this as a snack on St. Patrick's Day since I was a kid and love keeping the tradition alive! 

Check out some of our other ideas from last years post here! It's not to late to plan your Green Party now!!!!

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