Thursday, March 10, 2016


I think it is so awesome when I see a mom of all boys playing sports, digging in the dirt, building leggos and just doing "boy things" with them. I find it equally awesome when I see a dad going to get his toes done with his daughter, joining her for a tea party, or doing "girl things" with her.  I love it!!!!!

I introduce to you.....OUR NEW OUTNUMBERED shirt  and I am super excited about it!  I am pretty positive that anytime someone is wearing this shirt....while out and about with their will cause a few giggles and thumbs up! (isn't that what we all aim for with graphic tees?!)
Shirts are ready for Pre-Order and will ship the last week in March.  Currently priced at $20 and will go up to $25 on Sunday (3/13).

I have been working like crazy on a few new goodies and ideas for the shop, and I can not even wait to share them! 

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