Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Soccer Mom Style

I am a soccer mom! I love being a soccer mom! I have always wanted to be a soccer mom! I LOVE that games are one hour, and then you are DONE for the day and able to enjoy the weekend! I Love that it gets and keeps my kids in physical shape and teaches them the importance of putting good food in their bodies because otherwise they will feel sick on the field! (and I can blame soccer when I feed them healthy food) I love that my kids are able to meet friends with the same love of the game, AND I get to know their parents on the sidelines. I just love it all! 

I am SUPER stoked to be doing a fun offer this Spring Soccer Season! I get a lot of emails requesting shirts to match their favorite soccer team! It is honestly too much for me to keep inventory in every size and color, BUT I am offering a PREORDER ONLY line that can you choose your color!!!!! Preorders are available for ONE WEEK ONLY (3/14-2/20) and will ship out the first week in April. In Addition.....WE ARE OFFERING A FREE SOCCER TOTE EACH ORDER THAT CONTAINS AT LEAST ONE OF OUR NEW SOCCER PREORDERS!!! (no coupon code needed for free bag, it will be added to any package that applies)

This guy right here is OBSESSED with soccer this year!  He has decided to take a break from Baseball, and just play soccer this season, and we couldn't be more excited! (we FINALLY have our weekends back or at least planned out!!!!!)  He cracks me up with his soccer style, and has been a headband wearing soccer player since he was 5.  He is sort of a little trendsetter, and a few boys have started to rock his style. Super cute! I love watching him play, and continue to grow! 

Kacey is loving soccer this year, possibly more than ever! She was picked by her coach as the Team Captain for the year, and she is LOVING this role!  She takes it all very serious and it makes us so proud!!!!! Seeing my daughter love to be active, and athletic is pretty much a dream come true!!!!

Chad and I are just super soccer fans!  We have season tickets to watch the Tampa Bay Rowdies, and just really enjoy it!  It is kind of the perfect date night because we can bring our kids, they run around on a hill next to our seats, we can sit and watch the game and people watch! (because EVERY sporting event is PERFECT for people watching!) 
This year he is the "team dad/manager" of Collin's team, and somehow got roped into doing it for another team as well.  He is seriously good at it! I did it for ONE season and could NOT handle the parents questions and organizing. He is kind of my super hero for being able to do it all!!!!!

Soccer pretty much rules our weeknights, weekends, and social life.....and for now, we are totally cool with it! 

hat / joggers / tote (free with purchase of $50+) / sneakers / hoodie / tank / sunscreen

I have put together a little Soccer Mom Style board, and it is also known as my "weekend uniform". 
Our games are usually early in the morning, and I never feel the need to dress up for games, AT ALL!  I love throwing on my favorite joggers, leggings, or jeans....a tank or tshirt....and usually a sweatshirt is needed for early morning spring games. (our soccer hoodie is NOT fleece, it is a thin cotton!)  I usually try to remember a hat that acts as sunscreen AND covers my sleepy saturday am face!!!  I prefer a face stick for sunscreen for my kids because they like to put it on themselves.  I have tested this brand out for the past few weekends and nobody has complained about it hurting their I am sticking with it! 

Told You= My Weekend Uniform! 
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