Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY Spring Wreath

I have a serious love of buying/having/using yarn!  I have an entire basket FILLED with leftover yarn from projects that I have completed.  Every winter I get in the mood to make blankets, scarves, headbands, hats, stockings, and basically anything that I can easily make in the car line. (my favorite project this past winter was this pom pom garland!)

 I usually end up packing up my yarn basket with the holiday decorations and then bring them out again next winter when I am in the mood to create with them again.  This year I accidentally forgot and they have just been begging for a spring project.

What you will need to make this super easy wreath is.....

-Leftover yarn that you may have, or purchase a few colors that you love together. (no need to be concerned with the thickness, brand, feel of yarn! I think it is fun to mix the textures up) 
-Styrofoam wreath in the size of your choice

I just cut random lengths of yarn and began wrapping. If you like the look of the different thickness of each color, mix the lengths.  If you prefer more of an even striped look, you will want to cut each color the same length.  (the thinner yarn will need a little longer because it will not cover as much space as the thicker yarn)

It does not need to be a super tight knot because the yarn sticks VERY well to the Styrofoam wreath.  You will just place it where you want it and wrap away.  I had to overlap a little with the thinner yarn and really liked the look of it. 

Once you have covered the entire wreath, you will want to add a loop of yarn so that you can hang it to your desired length.  I decided to add little pom poms to give it a little more of an impact.  

I am LOVING spring colors right now!  My mantel just brightens up our house and I think I may be adding more pops of color this spring/summer!  

 I can't get enough of all the colors here! (for me, this is HUGE because I usually ONLY add blues and grays to my house for some reason!)

I also added my all time favorite flowers, hydrangea to basically each room of my house, and I may need to budget these babies into my weekly grocery trip! 

Hope you all are enjoying the crisp Spring weather! It was super hot last week in Florida, but this past weekend was nice and chilly and really felt amazing! 

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