Monday, August 24, 2015

Game Day Ready!

I have decided that I basically am awful at blogging and keeping up with life in general when my kids are home for summer vacation!  They are back in school today and I am BACK IN ACTION! 

I have been so beyond excited to share our NEW GAME DAY gear!!!!!!  Jessica and I worked together to design a comfortable football shirt that can show your support for ANY team by layering your spirit colors with the gray and white pullover!  We feel this shirt is PERFECT for going to your favorite NFL game, football party, and cheer on your favorite football player at their peewee or high school field! 

I have received emails for two years asking for a football mom shirt....and I feel like this is EXACTLY what you all have been waiting for!  This sweatshirt pullover has a raw open neck that allows you to layer it over any color tank top to bring in your team's colors! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

I will totally be wearing this outfit on any given sunday, monday, or just about every day!  These Girlfriend jeans are my new favorite, and I have these converse on my Birthday wish list! I already have this redskins hat, and will always be a redskins fan regardless of where I live now.....because you just can't switch teams just because you move! (or when they aren't playing well)

We also felt the need to add sizes and styles for the littlest football fan in your house! I can just imagine layering a tutu or cheer skirt with them! CUTEST EVER! 

Don't miss out on saving 15% off of our shop (expires September 1st) using code "gamedaydeal".  I will be shipping this weekend while supplies last, and the rest will ship out mid September. 

ps- these are good luck! Your team is going to win when you are wearing one! 

pps- These two kids are off to 3rd and 5th Grade today!  Kacey left ready, excited, and couldn't wait to get to her patrol station this morning! Collin....well Collin prefers to be at home or with Chad and I AT ALL he is probably counting down the seconds until school is out. Oh well, I KNOW they are going to have an amazing year! 


  1. Awh, my girlies had their first day today too! I hope your kiddos had a great day, and I can't wait for my game day sweatshirt!

  2. LOVE this new shirt!! YAY!!! so how does this fit?? is it true to size??

    1. ahh! sorry I am JUST getting back to you! It is true to size!

  3. So adorable! Definitely need one! And agree with not changing sports teams just because you move or they're doing bad! Hence why we are still Browns fans despite living far, far away in CO now! ;)

    1. lol! I am not a huge football fan, so I just feel better sticking to the one that I grew up having to watch. lol!


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