Thursday, September 17, 2015

Halloween Is In The House!

I just couldn't wait! I live in Florida, it is still super hot outside, it doesn't feel or smell like fall, and I just wanted SOMETHING that made me feel like it was here! I went full force and decorated the inside of our home last week, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!!!!  I "surprised" Chad with the early decorations, and he just laughs at me at this point! I think  he is secretly just happy that I went into the attic myself and didn't ask for any help!

My favorite project, so far, is a really EASY one! I purchased these HUGE pumpkin buckets at Target for only $6 each! (they also have orange and white available)  I would love to say that I planted the plants inside of the buckets....but I didn't! I literally just sat them inside of the pumpkins so that after Halloween I can remove and plant the larger plant in the yard....and I will just be honest and say that the other plant will be long gone by then. I can NOT keep these babies alive for the life of me! (strange, I think they actually like to be watered)
I love these little guys, and I am thinking about going back for this little bucket to add a little palm in.  I think they are hilarious and the "hair" gives them personalities! 

I have also switched my shop over to ALL THINGS FALL..and it has me super excited!  I had originally planned on having all NEW designs this Halloween, but I have received SO many emails and requests to bring back our Witch hat for a 3rd year in a row and our collaboration with Jessica on the I Put A Spell On You shirts!  I also would have missed them entirely too much, so they are back!!!!! We have switched a few things around and added a new design or two!  I couldn't be more excited and in love with all of them! 

I am SUPER stoked about our NEW Trick or Treat tote!!!!!! It honestly isn't just for trick or treating, it is pretty much the cutest tote bag to carry around town!  The BEST PART is that from now until 9/20, we are offering these totes for FREE with any $50+ purchase!!!!! Just add the tote into your cart, and use coupon "TRICKORTREAT" to get it for FREE!!!! (If using paypal, the coupon goes in at the end)

Our preppy witch hat shirts are one of my all time favorites (I say that about every shirt, they are like my children!) and I have already had mine on this season! This year we have added the bright orange pullover! I am excited because I find it hard to incorporate orange into my wardrobe for Halloween! I am waiting for this shirt to go on sale so that I can wear it underneath! It would be PERFECT with the stripes to match the bow!

I also LOVE the I Put A Spell On You shirts so much that I never put mine away with my Halloween decorations last year! There is something about gold foil on black that just makes my heart beat faster! And Jessica's design is pretty much perfection!  We switched the youth shirt from a short sleeve to this long sleeve black style so that they would match a little better.

Last but not least.......we have brought back our best selling Thank Full shirt with a new twist! I LOVE the dark indigo with the gold! There are so many things to be Thankful for this time of year, and this shirt tells the world that you are Full Of Thanks!  I LOVED receiving pics last year of people announcing pregnancies, engagements, and surrounding themselves with people that they are Thank Full For!!!!!! I can't wait to see it all over again in this new style!

I can't wait to hear how you all love them, and don't miss out on the FREE tote offer!!!!!!

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