Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY Teacher Appreciation Or Mother's Day Succulents Potted Plants

My kids and I get SUPER excited every year when we get the notice home that it is Teacher Appreciation week!  I think it is SO great to be able to show the people who work with your children daily and have the patience to teach them and help them grow!  I LOVE both of my kid's teachers this year, and we have been planning a few fun goodies for them this week.

We originally wanted to paint flower pots (Like we did here and here), but I found black plastic pots that were actually perfect for what they wanted to do.

You Will Need:
-Black Plastic Flower Pots (found these at Lowes)
-Variety of Succulence 
-Potting Soil 
-Permanent Chalk Marker and/or Gold Sharpie Marker

I let the kids do these (except writing the teacher's name in Permanent Chalk Marker) and it was pretty cute watching them decide where to put each plant.  They placed rocks in the bottom of the pot, dirt, and then added each plant, lightly watered, and then added more dirt on top.  I honestly do NOT have a green thumb,  so I have my fingers crossed that I did this correctly!

They each wrote a message to their teacher on the back in gold sharpie marker to make it more personal.  My original plan was to have every kid in the class sign the pot, but my kids decided they wanted to write a long message instead. 

I LOVE how they turned out!  They even made one for my mom, because she volunteers in their classes every week to teach math! 

I LOVE how proud my kids get to give gifts to people, ESPECIALLY when they put it together themselves!  So cute!

These would also make SUPER cute Mother's Day gifts! Check out this tutorial as well, I wish I had seen it before doing mine! 

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