Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY Pom Pom Snowball Garland On The Cheap

I have a serious problem when I go shopping for home decor!  I find things that I LOVE and generally just tell myself, "oh wow, I could totally make that and save myself some serious cash!" I never get around to making the item.......and then I forget about it and go on my merry way!  

WELL......I have wanted the pom pom garland from Anthropologie FOREVER and just couldn't bring myself to pay the $35 for it KNOWING that I could whip one up in a mater of minutes. (or an hour) Yesterday I packed my "carline goody bag" full of yarn, crochet hook, and scissors and made it happen!  For literally $5 I made garland that makes me so beyond happy! SUCCESSFUL CAR PICK UP LINE DAY FOR ME!!!!!!!

What you will need:
Yarn (you can really use any yarn, I used a thinner yarn for the yellow-ish garland and a thicker wool yarn for the gray and white. I think they both look great!)
Scissors (sharp for trimming the pom pom balls)
Crochet hook (optional)

There are a million tutorials on how to make the pom poms, and they include making tools to make the perfect pom pom!  When I get into a project.....I want it done NOW and I don't want to fuss with making a tool to make a project!  I basically just measured out 100 inch pieces of yarn and then wrapped it around my pointer and middle finger as many times as it would allow. (keeping it loose) If you have a child around......get them to help you tie a smaller piece of yarn around the middle of your bundle OR you can just fidget with it and wrap it yourself. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECTLY can give it a trim later.

Once you have tied a smaller piece around the middle you just stick your scissors in the loop section and cut!  This makes tiny little pom pom balls! I actually made a lot of white balls and plan on filling vases with them in hopes that they look like little snowballs.  

This is the time where you trim the edges to make the ball look even all around. DO NOT TRIM THE TWO LARGER STRINGS HANGING......THOSE ARE HOW YOU WILL TIE IT TO YOUR GARLAND PIECE! 

To make the garland you can either crochet one straight line.....OR you can seriously just braid it!  Just make sure that it isn't just one strand of thread because that makes it kind of look wimpy hanging on your mantel.  

Measure out the distance that you want the balls to hang....and then just use the longer threads to tie them on!!!!!!! Cut the extra yarn and.......TADA!!!!!!!!!!

I love the texture that it adds to my Wall-O-Photos when you walk into our home!  

I made this garland with Thanksgiving in mind!  At first I was kind of bummed that it was a smaller garland....but now I LOVE the size!  It is simple and just appears to be festive! I mean, who really wants yellow "snowballs" hanging in their home!?!

I played around and added some in Kacey's room!  She is trying super hard to take the "little girl" out of her room....and I pretty much love her style!  I wish it was my room!!!!!

I think todays carline will include trying to make enough "snowballs" to make this baby! 


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  1. That is perfect - thanks for sharing! I wanted it too but did not want to pay $35 for it. Are you going to post how you make the wreath next? Thanks again - GREAT JOB!!!!


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