Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Lake Time! (it's really the best time)

I am a water girl! I LOVE being at any pool, lake, or beach! 
My family has always gone to Maine almost every summer, and Lake living just has such a relaxing, fun, and family filled vibe that  just can't seem to get enough of!  

We are FINALLY bringing back our "ON LAKE TIME" shirts this summer! Go ahead, plan a family reunion, fishing trip, camping trip, and just anything you want along a lake.....because you now can have a shirt/sweatshirt to wear!!!

We have listed each shirt $5 off in our shop (along with a few other sales that we posted).  Pre-orders will take place until THIS FRIDAY! (5/22) and then prices will go up and you will not be guaranteed your size.  ORDERS WILL SHIP THE WEEK OF JUNE 15TH. (I will be out of town so they will not be able to ship earlier than that) 

I am LOVING the eco-Navy unisex tshirt! It is soft, flattering for everyone, and has a super vintage vibe with the white print.  

The raglan is available in size 3-6 months through 12 youth! PERFECT FOR EVERY SISTER/BROTHER/COUSIN/BFF at the party!!!!!

The Unisex Gray hooded pullover is possibly my favorite!!!!!!!!! It is SOOOO soft, and PERFECT for a night on the lake!

Just thought this pic is all about being "ON LAKE TIME".  RELAXED, ENJOYING LIFE, AND A HUGE SMILE! 

Just think of the possibilities! This is my family last summer ON LAKE TIME in Maine! I LOVED that we all wore the same color combo.....but I wanted to switch it up a little bit and give each age group a different style.  I think pictures will look super cute with the mixing of colors!

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