Friday, October 2, 2015

My Favorite Room In My Home

My backyard has basically been a mud/dirt/dead grass pit since the end of July, and I have been dreaming of the day that we could jump into the pool and actually enjoy it! WELL THAT TIME HAS COME! (although the outside pool area is not 100% and contractors are still randomly in my yard) 

I have to say.....I was excited and nervous about having a pool.....and it turns out I am still excited and nervous!  I just want it to be a fun, safe, relaxing place for us and our kids and our friends.  I also want it to be pretty...and this stresses me out!  

Decorating inside of my home comes easy to me because I just purchase things that I LOVE and then make them work within my space.  I feel like decorating a patio is a lot harder because you have to find something you love.....that your dogs won't destroy.....and that can handle the Florida sun.....and rain.....and will not need to be replaced every year.  It has been difficult for me to commit to anything!  

Tile (in Lake Blue) / Sectional / Pillows / Fan

 This is the vibe that my patio has....I guess I would consider it beachy, boho, and blue.  I love all things blue because it is easy to add pops of black for halloween, red and green for Christmas, and yellow for summer. I think blue is the easiest color to transition the entire year.  

I picked these tiles out and was beyond excited about them! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! They set the tone for the backyard and make a statement without having to add anything else.  THEY MAKE ME HAPPY!  We went with gray multi pavers because our home is a grayish blue and it was a good match.   The ONLY regret I have with the decisions we have made, is our coping tiles (the tiles on the edge of the pool)! They are a cream, and I have to say that I don't LOVE them!  They would be perfect if I didn't have kids, dogs, and any grass or dirt in my yard....BUT I have all of the above and it shows little paw prints at all times.  Bummer! 

I purchased the pillows from the store and they were on clearance for $5-$10 each.  They only had one out of the showroom and when I asked them if they had more in the back, they literally brought out bags full of outdoor clearance pillows! Worth a shot to check out in your store if you are in the market for outdoor pillows! I feel a little less nervous about them getting ruined when I buy them dirt cheap! 

I have been dragging my feet on purchasing a couch/sectional for the patio because I just can't commit.  (this is an issue for me with furniture!) I LOVE this one, and it is a great price, and would fit perfectly.....I just can't pull the trigger! I can, however, pull the trigger on this hammock! ESPECIALLY since I received my birthday coupon code just the other day! (it was a sign!)

Last but not least...the fan! I LOVE it! Fans are basically the only way you can spend your days on a patio in Florida!  We have a covered patio, and has nice shade after 1pm, but a fan is ALWAYS needed! (even if it is just to push the mosquitos around!) I also love the wood planks on the ceiling in the pic, and can not WAIT to do that on our ceiling!  I feel like it just makes the outdoors sort of feel like an indoor living space...which is EXACTLY what I want! 

Basically....the pool is ready....we swim in it daily and LOVE every single second of it!  I have become a master judge of handstands, flips, dives, and counting how long my kids can hold their breath!  I have watched our 14 year old Jack Russell freak out when her brother is underwater and jump in to save him, while our other (huge) dog is terrified of swimming stays within two feet of the water at all times!  

We still have so much work to do....planting palms, bushes, and grass....BUT there is an end in sight and at least after a long day of planting, we can jump in the nice cool pool to relax!  
I hope to share more pics once it is "finished". (because the truth will always be a work in progress!)


  1. I'm glad you are finally able to enjoy your pool and it looks like your dog is enjoying it too! I love swimming but as I live in Scotland I have to traps e all the way to the local swimming pool as it is too cold to have my own pool. I think you are so lucky.

    Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries


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