Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sweet Suits

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I have a slight obsession with this bralette style bathing suits! I am small in basically every sense of the this style just really works for me. I am also not one that can sit and relax at the pool or beach for more than 10 minutes so it allows me to get in the pool or ocean and really play with my kids without worrying about anything "falling out".  

I am pretty sure that I haven't purchased a matching suit in at least 5 years.  I am not sure if mix matched suits are still in style....but  I still love it so I am going with it.  I usually just buy 1-2 black bottoms to make sure that they match all of my tops and then just switch the tops out. Today is the LAST day for the $10 bottoms with purchase of a top! That's cheaper than Target bottoms!!!!

I do have at least 5 bathing suit tops at all times, because we live in Florida and spend every day in the water from may-september.  I like to switch them up!

I am not really a fan of one piece suits for myself because I am short, and I just feel like they make me look even shorter.  I was a lifeguard every summer when I was in high school-college and I am pretty sure that wearing a speedo daily has made me want to steer clear of them now.  I did purchase this suit on super sale in Rio Print for our Tahiti trip this summer just in case I feel the need to switch it up. 

We are planning some fun in the sun this Spring Break for our kids...and I am so excited about getting out in this amazing weather!!!!!


  1. Hi! Love #3! What size did you get? The website says they run really small. I'm a 34B and would normally get a small, but now I think maybe medium??

    1. I am wearing it now on my way to the beach! 😍 I got a small......and I am smaller than your 34b. Lol! It is not adjustable around the waste so I would suggest maybe a medium. Or maybe order a small and a medium and return one because the good ones always sell out super fast!


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