Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekends Are For Baseball

This weekend was a great one! A full blown Baseball weekend that I honestly never pictured myself doing when I was dreaming about having kids! I am not sure why, my husband played baseball and I used to go to his games and see his love of the game when we were in high school....but I just never pictured having my own kids play baseball.  For me, it was kind of boring.....AND VERY LONG! 

But this little guy has changed me! He has made me LOVE watching him play baseball! He has made me look forward to spending a weekend on the sidelines cheering for him and every one of his teammates.  I welcome my role as "baseball  mom" and LOVE it!

I don't get nervous, I just sit and watch my little catcher do his thing!  He is possibly the smallest kid on the team....and guards that plate like he is HUGE! It kind of blows my mind!

I also get to watch my man out there coaching these little guys! Never raising his voice, never speaking anything but sending positive vibes....and doing what he loves with a group of great coaches. 

Just seeing his love of the game....makes it so I have no choice but to lOVE this game also!

I guess I really don't HAVE to love the game....but I do! And I am actually learning a good majority of the rules....or at least more than I ever imagined I would know.

This picture cracks me up! He looks like he is a serious, dip chewing, hard core catcher! 

I mean...this smile!

We went out to dinner and discussed nicknames for all of the kids.  Collin received TWO nicknames.....1-Fabio (he is NOT a fan of this nickname lol) 2-Flash (this kid is FAST!) 

We are SUPER lucky to have a GREAT group of parents, coaches, kids, and not to mention a dad on the team that takes the most AMAZING PICS, and streams the games LIVE so that grandparents out of state can watch these boys play!  
These boys kicked tail this weekend, played their hearts out, and made us so beyond proud!  It was our first weekend tournament where we stayed in a hotel and had a BLAST!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to be doing a fun post on "what's in my baseball mom bag"! I have learned SOOOOO much about the necessities of a FULL day at the ball field!

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