Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Heart Vintage Marquee Letter

I have wanted a bold marquee light for my office for years now....but I seriously couldn't decide on what I wanted, and never wanted to spend upwards of $200 to get a metal one!   I also didn't want to make one out of a cardboard letter from the craft store because that honestly scares me with lights and cardboard. (nervous nelly here!)

I ran into target the other day and was SOOO excited when I saw that they had their Christmas Marquee items back out and I KNEW I wanted the heart!  Last year I purchased the star, and I LOVED it and have regretted putting it away with my Christmas decorations all year!  

I put the heart out in my office and it just kind of looked BLAH against my gray walls or my cork board....so I took out some red paint and just went to down!  Zero prep, zero second guessing....I just went to work.  I AM SOOOOO HAPPY THAT I DID!!!!!!!!

Paint of your choice (I used Martha Stewart in Habanero)
Foam brush

I just honestly went right to town painting.  Looking back, I SHOULD have taped off each of the little bulbs...but I didn't. I just painted on them and then rubbed it off once it had all dried. 

I wanted it to still look old and show that it was metal, so I just did one light coat of paint.  I even took a clean brush and brushed off some of the paint so that you could see the brush marks.  Paint as much as you would like, it's really just a personal preference.

THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!! 
For only $15 you now have a real metal marquee sign with your own custom paint job!  I could totally see this heart in a coral pink in a nursery! 

It has a hole on the top of the heart to hang on the wall....but I wanted mine to be more of a casual piece to showcase my favorite pics on my bulletin board.

I totally plan on painting the star and NOEL signs that I purchased last year, and might surprise my daughter with a lime green "Joy" sign.  

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