Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas Pajamas

It is really not a secret that I am obsessed with Pajamas, flannel, and all things cozy!  I have tried my best to pass this along to my children and encourage my husband that life is generally better as long as you have your pajamas on!  They tend to laugh at me.....EXCEPT at Christmas!  They do give me the gift of loving and enjoying the Christmas pajamas that I get for them each year!

My parents used to give us Christmas Pj's every Christmas Eve, and that was a tradition that I continued on until Kacey was about 4.  I quickly realized that it is MUCH BETTER to open your new Pajamas the day after Thanksgiving so that you can enjoy them leading up to Christmas!  You can watch all of your festive movies, have sleepovers, drive around looking at lights IN your new pajamas instead of after the holiday!

I used to buy the kids entire matching outfits...but lately we just go with new flannel pants and then wear our favorite Christmas shirts!  My favorite part is wearing them all day for for and festive parties......then coming home and wearing them to bed! (don't judge....they are THAT cozy!)

I may have "surprised" myself with these new Pj's this year too!  When we were 18....Chad came snowboarding with my family one winter and we all stayed in a hotel room.  Chad came out of the bathroom with red thermal one piece pajamas and my parents STILL laugh about it!  Just trying to bring back the style! 

ANOTHER Pajama Tradition.......making the kids sit down and pose for pictures before they can run in and see what Santa brought for them!  This picture cracks me up because Kacey could not sit still! 

HA!!!!!! Chad couldn't resist pulling out his elf shirt for the 100th time! This picture just shows sheer joy, exhaustion, and excitement! Totally gets me in the holiday spirit!!!!!!!


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