Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Layers upon Layers Of Cozy

I always love seeing how people style their clothes, and ESPECIALLY our shirts!  I look forward to being tagged in every picture this season and getting inspiration from everyone! I thought prior to sending all of our holiday goodies out, I would make a quick board of how I plan on styling each one of our designs.  I am hoping to do a few of them a week!

I decided to start with the green reindeer sweatshirt because it was my favorite sweatshirt last Christmas!  I receive emails on a weekly basis asking me to bring this baby back!  It doesn't SCREAM Christmas, it feels more like a winter themed sweatshirt in my opinion!

When I think of winter, I really only think about layers and how I can possibly make my outfit feel as close to pajamas as possible!!!  I will go to great lengths to feel a piece of clothing before I buy it JUST so that I can be sure that I will be comfy all day long!  This whole outfit SCREAMS comfort.....and yet I can still wear it to volunteer, or all around town! BONUS!

I have also been LIVING in this Bra Off sweatshirt!  I literally have it laying on the chair next to my bed at all times, and the second I drop the kids off at school....I put it on and wear it until I have to pick them up! It is beyond cozy, and my house seems to always be cooler than it is outside the time of year! 

  I have been a total slacker lately when it comes to reading!  I used to read every single night, but lately I am just so tired that I can't even muster up the energy to pick up a book when I finally go to bed.  This past weekend our power went out, and it totally blew our we have been without internet access (thank god for my phone being a hotspot) or internet!  I immediately went to target and picked out a book!  This book totally looked festive, and I generally buy books based on the cover.  It was really an eye opening book, and I HONESTLY think that everyone needs to read it to get in the right mindset this holiday season!  It will make you cry, and laugh, and want to hug your family so tight!!!!!! I literally stayed up for hours and finished the book in one night because I just needed to know what happened!  IT'S GOOD!

Don't forget to tag us (instagram @kcsnead or #saseadecor) on how you have styled our gear!!!!!

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  1. I am a blanket hoarder....So I'm dying to know if the saranoni blankets are worth the money?!


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