Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Halloween In The Books

I am pretty bummed that the Halloween fun is over...and I have already packed up all the decorations!  We had a super fun weekend and I am pretty positive that every single Halloween should be on a Friday night....followed by daylight savings on Saturday night!  It only makes sense!

Our Halloween started out with the Elementary Book Parade!  I have been volunteering in class all year and for the past few weeks we worked on making tie dye shirts and masks to be Wilber from Charlottes web!  The kids loved it...and I am pretty sure Collin cheered "Zuckerman's Famous Pig" for a solid hour as he walked around the Bus Loop!

Kacey's class was in charge of dressing up as the person that they picked for their Bibliography report.  She did her report on Marin Luther King Jr. and I am pretty sure she nailed it! She had no idea she would have to dress the same as her report, or else she said she would have picked a soccer player. :) (And I totally had to ask my 10 year old daughter if I could PRETTY PLEASE post these pics of her! She is anti social media now that her friends are all on it!) 
Kacey decided to be "spider girl" because she REALLY wanted this Under Armour shirt.  :) Pretty genius of her to turn it into her costume, and a reason for us to buy it for her! She was VERY specific with the face paint, and I was SOOO excited with how it turned out that I completely forgot to take a closeup shot! 
Collin wanted to be his all time favorite baseball player, Bryce Harper.  He has planned this since this summer, and had originally decided on being "Bryce Harper Zombie" and then when I took him to the store to check out the face paint that it involved....he backed out really fast!  He is NOT into blood and guts, and I am totally okay with that!  The HARDEST part of this costume was having my son, with VERY long hair, tell me that he wants it to look shaved on the side, and a slicked mohawk....WITHOUT a ponytail to hold it all back!  Let's just say that I used almost an entire bottle of hairspray....but he was THRILLED with the outcome so I call it a success! 

We always trick or treat with our friends ever year! Small group, lots of fun, and always super sweet! These boys crack me up! 

This guy is the BEST! He totally lets me go crazy for holidays and never gets annoyed or judges how I want to have it all JUST RIGHT!  

I woke up the next day to find this picture on my phone!  I guess SOME WITCHES CAN'T HANG! I was a late night....and the wine was good! I was just exhausted after all of the prep work! 

We had to be up at 6:00 to get dressed and head out to Collin's Halloween tournament.  The mom's all met at practice and made these Minion costumes, complete with their numbers on the back! Turns out....we are the only cool team that actually dressed up for the games! I should have known we would go undefeated just by their lack of festive costumes! 

It was COLD and WINDY all weekend long!!!!!! We spent countless hours at Collin's 4 baseball games, Kacey's one soccer game, and trying to stay warm! 

Collin's team WON the tournament and at 8:30 Sunday night....we were FINALLY able to relax and unwind from a crazy busy festive weekend!!!!!! I am exhausted just thinking about it all over again.....and that we will be doing the EXACT same thing next weekend.  

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