Tuesday, November 11, 2014

$1 DIY Stemless Wine Glasses

I have always collected different wine glasses! I feel like it is less stressful when people come over, nobody has to be worried if they break a glass because it doesn't belong to a set, and I just like to shop for wine glasses!  I made halloween wine glasses for my friends/neighbors about 5 years ago and I was worried that the paint would not last.....but we are still all drinking from them every Halloween so I am convinced they are the best $1 glasses of all time!  

These babies literally took me 30 minutes to make.....and I plan on giving them with a bottle of wine to every holiday party we attend this season! My FAVORITE thing to do when giving a gift is to always add a little something that has a personal touch, does not come with a price tag, and makes them think of you when they use it.  

What You Will Need
*Craft Paint (I used Martha Steward because I generally like the colors she offers better)
*Adhesive stencils (mine were purchased 5 years ago at Michaels, but I am sure they still have them)
*Sponge Brush
*Wine Glasses (I purchased these babies for $1 and I LOVE the size, the feel AND mainly the price)
*Bottle of Wine to sip while you paint!

 The adhesive stencils are the BEST part because they stay in place....you can stick them over and over again without waiting for the paint to dry.....and then just wash them off and stick them back in the bag for next year.

 You do not have to be perfect with the placement because you will see the designs on the other side of the glass as well.   You can just use your fingernail to scratch off any mistakes...NO WORRIES!

I always wash wine glasses by hand because I have had entirely too many break in the dishwasher....but these DO need to be hand washed!  The paint will scratch if you wash it with a rough sponge, so I just use a washcloth and have had zero issues!

I forgot to post these last week, but I took these pictures of Collin on the morning of his 8th birthday! I can't get over how old my baby boy is! When did this happen and why won't it all just slow down!

He got this new bat for his birthday and was literally saying "okay, take my picture like this!" ha! (please excuse the weeds....we do NOT have a green thumb in this house)

I made suer to wear my Thank Full shirt because that is EXACTLY how I feel.....FULL of all types of Thanks!

These two seriously make Chad and I so beyond proud!  We rushed around all day on Collin's 8th birthday between lunch dates, bringing popsicles for his class, picking my mother in law up at the airport, Chinese food (his bday request), cake at home, soccer practice......and then home to crash!  These were the only pics I managed to grab that day....but they sure do make me smile! 


  1. Love this!!! Totally doing for gifts this year. Thanks for the idea :) !!!
    P.s. Your family is so beautiful.

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