Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Deals and A GIVEAWAY!

I LOVE online shopping!  I love getting mail! And I LOVE a good sale!!!!!!  I have put together a little list of some good cyber monday deals that I have found, and what is on our christmas lists in this house! 

MEN'S SLIPPERS: Half Price sale today PLUS 10% off with code YOUVEGOTSALE! I LIVE in my slippers and I am going to add them to Chad's christmas list! (he has no idea how much he will love them!)

DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB: I had no idea what this was, but Jessica told me about it and I am now hooked!  I LOVE men's razors also, so I plan on totally taking from my husbands monthly delivery for myself! Super cheap, monthly gift for EVERY SINGLE man on your list! 

LEATHER TOTE: I LOVE soft leather!  This tote has my name all over it, and is on sale PLUS 20% off AND FREE shipping with code EXTRAJOLLY.  Add it to your list...and then purchase it for yourself and place it under the tree! :)

SKI SWEATER: I couldn't decide if I loved this sweater or if I hated it.  I have decided that I love it, and I want it, and I want to plan a ski trip now!  It is half price today PLUS 10% off with code YOUVEGOTSALE! 

ELITE SOCKS:  I honestly don't understand why these socks are so cool, but THEY ARE! If you have a boy on your christmas shopping list...these socks will make you super cool if you get them!  I don't understand it....I just go with it!  And they are really pricey for socks but I found them here for 20% off with code CYBER20 and free shipping if you spend $25! 

PENNY SKATEBOARD: According to my kids......PENNY skateboards are the coolest!  Collin has had one since last christmas, and Kacey is begging for one this year!  These babies are usually $100, but I found them on sale for $59.99 pLUS FREE SHIPPING! (no code needed) SCORE!!!!!!

STARS: I used to have these plastered all over my room when I was in middle/high school!  I might actually want these for myself, but that would be strange, so I am adding them to my kid's wish list! 50% off PLUS 10% with code YOUVEGOTSALE

I found a few other sales online that are still lingering on from Black Friday! These are my FAVORITE boots and I swear they don't hurt your feet!!!!!!! I added these babies to my Christmas list and the ENTIRE store is on sale 25% off with code CHEER and FREE shipping if you pay with your paypal account! BONUS!!!!!
We couldn't pass up the chance to have a fun sale and giveaway in our shop either!!!! We are still offering 15% off with code "saseasale" and A FREE santa tote with the purchase of 2 festive items!  ON TOP OF THE SALE......WE ARE DOING A GIVEAWAY TO ONE LUCKY PERSON! We will choose one order that was placed today and add an extra santa bag.....the BEST Christmas plaid blanket EVER.......and a $50 shop credit!  DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS SALE IN OUR SHOP! 

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  1. I definitely don't understand the elite socks either and that is all that is on my nephew's Christmas list! Thanks for sharing about the sale!


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