Monday, October 27, 2014

Jazzing It Up!

This weekend was so FUN and FESTIVE!!!!!! On Friday I was able to pick Jessica up from the airport and we had a fun coffee date planning fun shirts and chatting!  SO MUCH FUN finally getting to meet her after years of "knowing" her online.  I love it when you get to meet someone and it feels like you have met a million times before!!!  She is the SWEETEST!


Friday night, after coffee date and an afternoon spent tie dying shirts with Collin's class..... we headed out for a trip to ZOO BOO at our local zoo.  We met all of Collin's baseball team there, and it was a total blast!  I have to say that I am completely terrified of Haunted Houses, and all things super scary........but I put my big girl panties on and totally tackled this place like a champ! (I will admit I screamed more than the 7 year olds....but whatever.....I did it!) I didn't even carry my phone in fear that I would throw it at a zombies face if I got zero pictures to document this fun night!  Maybe next year I will be able to handle the zombies AND steps!

After a day of sports, Chad and I were able to have a date night at our friend's 80's themed Halloween Party!  We were told to dress as 80's characters and I had originally planned on dressing up as the Golden Girls, but we decided that it would be a total blast to dress up as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons!!!!!! Who doesn't want to wear crazy workout clothes and dance around all night like you are in a workout video?!

I found 90% of my costume IN MY CLOSET and in my Halloween costume goody box!  I never get rid of our halloween accessories and am constantly adding to it!  We try to avoid buying our costumes every year (now that they don't want to be the EXACT Disney Character from the Disney store!), and I think it is so much fun putting it all together!  Chad put his together the morning of the party by hitting up every Salvation Army and Goodwill in the area.  He ran into the house after his shopping spree and was already dying laughing!  I LOVE being married to a man that doesn't take himself too seriously and totally jumps at the chance to make a crazy idea into reality!

I can't even tell you how much we laughed at our outfits ALL NIGHT LONG!  I already had the headband, weights, running pants, leggings, and belt!  The ONLY things that I had to buy was this $4 "onesie" from Forever 21 and Chad scored these killer white sneakers at Goodwill!  HILARIOUS!!!!!!  And yes, I did do a little Jazzercise in the middle of the party!  It is kind of mandatory when you are dressed like this! When the right music comes get out there and work it! 

I can't even look at these pictures without laughing!!!!!!!!!!! Chad's outfit was AMAZING! HA! My favorite touch was the socks and white Nike's!  Finding the right wig was HARD on the day of the this was the next best thing!  The best part of the night was walking to our car in hopes that nobody saw us......AND praying that we made it home from the party on an Empty tank of gas without having to stop! 

These shoes were actually the most comfortable shoes I have even had! I may just keep them and see if I can pretend they are cool!  I also can't even get over Chad's socks and shoes! THIS IS WHY I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderfully festive weekend!  I have officially decided that the reason I love Halloween so much isn't the candy, it isn't the trick or treating, IT IS THE ADULT PARTY WITH LOADS OF SUPER FUN FRIENDS!  THAT is what makes this season so much fun!!!!!!!!

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