Monday, April 18, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I believe that Mom's need more than ONE TINY LITTLE day to be celebrated!  SERIOUSLY! I am just going to go with the idea that Mother's Day is quickly approaching and we need to plan accordingly! 
I have put together my annual Mother's Day Gift ideas that
1- I think mom's in general would just love 
2- I plan on purchasing for gifts 
3- I am crossing my fingers and hoping that my kids and Chad realize that this is really just my wish list! 

I seriously think that it is hilarious to have a fish birdhouse! I am hoping to hang this and attract fish loving birds in my yard! I love the idea of giving this as a gift with a book on local birds to look up as they visit the little fish! 

I am not really into perfume, but I DO love the idea of having this little perfume bottle in my purse for the upcoming HOT summer days! I mean, you never know when you will need a spritz....and since I am madly in Love with Tahiti, I want this stuff!!!!! 

I have added this necklace to basically every single gift guide for years, because I just love it that much!  Not only is it made by my talented friend, I also wear this every single day....all day.....and haven't taken it off in years! I have given it as teachers gift, baby shower gift, wedding shower gift, birthday gift, and mother's day! Who doesn't want to have a piece of jewelry with your fave initials to wear all the time....I KNOW mom's love this stuff!  And because she is so awesome, our readers get 15% off and FREE shipping with code "Mothersday15"! Don't miss out!  

These planters crack me up!!!!! I have fallen in love with succulents over the past few years and I want to give air plants a shot!  Any plant that requires little/no attention from me, is PERFECT! I also love any planter that is funny and makes me WANT to take care of the plant that is in it.  These cuties DEFINITELY fit that bill!

I am not even going to pretend like I am not playing favorites, and picking this mom all day. shirt as my new favorite!  I have NO idea how this shirt is so soft that it basically feels like you are in your PJ's, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I teamed up with Jessica to bring this shirt to life, and I believe that EVERY single mom should have this!  We are totally not judging if you end up wearing it multiple days in a row, because that seems to be what this shirt does to you!   We need to let the world know that we are on the job at all times, regardless of where are kids are, or how old they are! (my view on mom all day of a tween here)  We are offering 15% discount with the code "momallday" on your ENTIRE purchase!!!!! So splurge for your favorite mom...and throw in some fun goodies for yourself! 

I have been wanting this tote even more with EVERY Target trip! Today was FINALLY the day that it was on sale for 25% off on the cartwheel app! They have it in turquoise, white, and a slightly different gold style.  I love them all!!!!!! I think it is the PERFECT mom bag! (doesn't even matter if you are at diaper stage or the stage of motherhood where you are just carrying their wallets and jackets around) 

I think art is always a fun thing to give on Mother's Day! I love receiving handmade art from my kids, and have past work framed throughout my home!  I also love this print that I found and think it would be SUPER cute for expecting moms, moms of infants that really aren't talented in art yet, or any last minute gift giver this holiday (it is a download)!!!

I am a fan of gifting journals or planners! (although I am AWFUL at keeping up with them myself!!!!) I love to give may books, but I think that this book a great beginner journal for moms!  It guides you on what to write for 100 days, and I think it would be fun to look back on in years to come! 

So there you have it, my wish list.....I mean gift guide for Mother's Day! I love seeing what everyone else gives or does this holiday! 

And I had to share this picture because it basically sums up motherhood in one shot! 

book on sons....check
book on daughters....check
book on cocktails.....check
handmade coffee mug.....check
and #1 mom card......check

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