Friday, April 15, 2016

Mom all day......EVEN IN THE TWEEN YEARS!

I can honestly say that I have loved every stage of being a mom! (and I can say that, because I have survived some of the stages that I didn't think I ever would!)  I not only loved the stages, I miss them!  I miss laying on the couch surrounded by piles of laundry and dishes in the sink...holding a newborn baby!  I miss cracking up with every little thing my toddlers said or did!  I miss finding piles of toys hidden in the plants, or seeing little babies sleeping under perfectly placed blankets on the floor.  Those days are long gone in my house.......and I am trying to remind myself that the days I am smack dab in the middle of.....will someday be special memories to look back on!

I have personally found that it has been pretty hard to transition into the "tween" years!  Not really because I feel like my kids are difficult, but mainly because I think it is hard to remember that they are STILL the same little babies that used to make me laugh and so proud when they did the simplest things!

As a tween mom....I feel like I am now expecting more from them and forgetting how far they have already come in life!  ( seriously....they used to poop in their pants and couldn't even feed themselves....let's clap our hands for teaching them how to do these things!!!!!)   It is SOOO easy to get disappointed when they bring home a lower grade than you expected, or they have now taken to rolling their eyes instead of cheek to cheek smiles!  Hard!!!!

 I have a tween daughter! That is hard! She isn't a baby, she isn't a toddler, she isn't wanting me to do things for her that I have always just assumed would always be my "job".......things are changing! That is HARD!

A few weeks back I found our old video camera and sat for two solid rainy days watching them ALL!  I watched as I packed my bags to head to the hospital to deliver Kacey and saw the fear and total excitement in my eyes!!!!!! I watched Chad hold her for the first time and he just looked so young, and so in love with OUR little girl!  (which made me love him 10billion times more than I ever thought I could)  I watched as we showed off our sweet little girl to the camera almost daily with her first bath, her first smile, her first food, how proud she was to pee on the potty....and on and on.  WE FREAKING LOVED THAT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! And not that we don't love her just as much, if not more now.......WE JUST SEEMED SO PROUD OF HER EVERY SINGLE MOVE!!!!!!

I watched her become a big sister on these videos and the total excitement of what it meant to her world!!!!!! I watched her beg to help me cook, clean, help with Collin, and basically do absolutely everything that I was doing at the time!  I had forgotten how awesome she was! And is!  I NEEDED to watch those videos in this EXACT moment and stage that I am in RIGHT NOW!  I had no idea I needed it....but I did! I needed to be reminded that she is STILL that same little baby girl that was OBSESSED with cinderella! The same little girl that thought that I was the best thing on this planet!

I needed to watch the movies because I need to see that little girl in her eyes still!  Even though the eyes might be rolling from time to time.....she snaps out of it.....and then she remembers that I am still her mom....her buddy....and her favorite. (I just am assuming that last part :)

So.....If you are going through the ringer trying to figure out where you stand as a tween mom.....or what the heck has happened to the little baby that once hung on your every last movement.....GO BACK AND WATCH VIDEOS! LOOK AT OLD PICTURES!!!!!! REMEMBER THAT THEY AREN'T JUST ALL OF A SUDDEN FULL OF ENERGY......THEY WERE ALWAYS FULL OF ENERGY. YOU JUST FORGOT HOW AWESOME THEY WERE! AND ARE!

We aren't a mom for a period of time!

We aren't a mom for a stage!

We are a mom all day!

Every Day!


Even when we don't want to admit we are their mom........WE ARE! AND WE DESERVE A FREAKING BADGE!

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  1. You are such a good little momma. Your kids are lucky! Have a blessed weekend.

    1. THANK YOU!!!! That means a lot! You have the best weekend! Fingers crossed the rain stays far far away!


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