Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DIY Teacher Appreciation or Mother's Day Gifts

Every year, our school gives us a Teacher Appreciation Guide and assigns each day of the week to a different gift idea to spoil the teachers!  This year it was:

Monday: Wear their Favorite Color  
Tuesday: Sweet Treat 
Wednesday: Flowers  
Thursday: Your Choice  
Friday: Nice note to teacher 

To be honest, I don't love that they do the guide because then each teacher has 20+ snacks on one day.....20+ flowers the next.  My kids, however, are rule followers and want to stick to the schedule every single year!!!!! I just go with it because it really has nothing to do with me, and they are so proud every morning when they walk to class to give their goodies! 

Today was celebrated with flowers, and Collin wanted to decorate mugs as planter. He really enjoys doing stuff like this, and I think it turned out perfect!  Kacey wanted to buy her teacher a flower this year because she has the same teacher as last year and already gave her something similar last year. (both of my kid's teachers looped up with their classes this year and it has been AMAZING, except for gift giving because I already used up my ideas last year!!!!) 

All You Need:
White Mug (we purchased at $1 Store!!!!)
Succulents (or any plant of your choice)
We added tiny rocks in the bottom of the mugs to help with overwatering
Sharpie Markers
***Just decorate the cup as they want! You could bake the mug after decorating at a low temp to set the ink, but since it is for an inside plant, we decided it was not necessary for this project

We love to spoil their teachers with caffeine, sugar, notes, and of course......tshirts! I know enough about myself to know that I could NOT be a teacher! I can BARELY manage homework time around here! I am FOREVER grateful for their teachers, and all of the hard work and love they put into MY kids!  I think it is important to spoil them all year long.....BUT ESPECIALLY on Teacher Appreciation week!!!!!!!  We have been EXTREMELY lucky with their teacher's and I get SOOO sad as the year comes to an end and I realize that they will be with different teacher's next year, and Kacey will BE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!! My mom heart hurts a little thinking about it! 

Check out how we decorated their plants over the past few years here! 

If you don't have school age children....this is a SUPER great Mother's Day gift for grandmother's!!!!!! Or, if you are anything like might decide to get extra plants and make a fun little set for yourself!!!!!

I found this cutie here and would have purchased 10 of them for my favorite gal pals, but I bought the last one! Ordering more online today because you can't help but smile when you see this crazy hair lady! 

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