Monday, April 25, 2016

Trip Of A Lifetime.....Moorea

Last June my hubby and I were SOOOOO lucky to be able to go to Moorea for 10 days!!!!!!!!!! It truly was the trip of a lifetime!!! I never got around to sharing pics of our getaway, and now that I am dreaming of summer vacations...I find myself comparing every single idea with this paradise! 

We stayed at the Sofitel In Moorea, and I am pretty sure that it is what Heaven looks like!!!!
Our bungalow! It had glass bottom floor so that we could watch the fish below!

View from our patio!

First Night dinner in the sand! 

Typical Snead Style! 

We rented a scooter the first full day so that we could tour the island! SCARY!!!!! We felt like kids on this thing! We were able to travel to their market, visit food trucks, and just enjoy the amazing views! 

I was on the hunt for a black pearl and I fell in love with this beauty!

We went on a 4wheeler tour and it was AMAZING! They took us up mountains, along the water, up the STEEPEST and SCARIEST mountain tops, visited fruit farms, and taught us all about this beautiful Island! I LOVE learning and just enjoying all that vacation spots have to offer, and this was my favorite!

I rarely do research on a vacation spot because I think you can over schedule yourself and not truly enjoy your vacation, but I DID do some serious planning on this trip because I knew it was a once in a lifetime spot.  I remembered to bring a lock so that we could lock our love at the top of the mountain! 

I was SO nervous about swimming with the sharks, but it turned out to be so peaceful!  (once I realized that they weren't planning on eating me!) 

We spent as much time as possible in the crystal clear water! The fish were BEAUTIFUL and there was the most amazing coral everywhere!  It is so easy to just relax and enjoy life when the views are this amazing!

 Our last night we spent the night on the island of Tahiti! I am positive this was a trip of a lifetime and one that Chad and I will NEVER forget!
Chad loves to take screenshots of our vacation spots, and I think it is super cool to see how far away from reality we really were!!!!

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