Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pool Bag Favorites

I grew up in Virginia, and I remember counting down the days until the neighborhood pool opened up on Memorial Day! I was a total pool rat and took the swim test the first day every season so that I could spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY swimming with my friends, WITHOUT MY PARENTS! (which I would NEVER let me kids do...but whatever)  When I was in high school, I took the Life Guard test and spent EVERY single summer from freshman year - Sophomore year in College sitting pool side and making a paycheck.  I even worked at the indoor pool in college, Life Guarding the swim team! (aka....doing homework and getting paid for it!)

I just love being at the pool....really any pool! We have been spending as much time as possible in our NEW pool and we are still in shock that it is REAL and in our very own backyard! Kind of blows my mind a little bit!

I have put together a list of some of my favorite poolside goodies, because I feel like I am kind of a professional in this department. I mean....aren't we all!

Towel / Sunscreen / Hat / Shirt 

I have never really been one to splurge on beach/pool towels because we usually end up loosing half of them each summer.  I decided to splurge on this Sand Cloud XL Wanderlust Beach Blanket this season because 1. I love the colors 2. I am obsessed with blankets EVEN in the summer and the weight of this is PERFECT for evenings pool or beach side.  I am super happy with the towel and my family is fully aware that I am NOT sharing it, at all, ever....this is MY towel.  My next purchase is going to be the Roundie!   Shop with 25% off your purchase with code "katherinesa25".....PLUS 10% helps preserve marine life...and who doesn't want to save the fishes! 

I used to be AWFUL at putting sunscreen on, and felt I really didn't NEED it because I didn't ever burn.  I just hated how thick it felt! I have been using Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch lotion for the past few years and I really do love it! It is thin and gets the job done! I have accidentally purchased the kind with little sparkles in it a time or two, and I kind of liked it!  If you aren't a fan of should at least give this a shot. ( I have purchased at Target, Publix, and cvs so I am sure you can find it anywhere)

I am IN LOVE with my new hat!  I love a good hat that covers your shoulders after a long day in the sun!  I am super picky with hats and I DO NOT like them to be tight.....don't want it flopping in my face.....and they have to be semi cute!  THIS CROSSES ALL OF MY NEEDS OFF THE LIST!  I randomly found this super cute new company on Instagram, and purchased the Miami Vice hat right away! I LOVE IT and I think it would be a super cute gift for some of my spring birthday friends!  

Our Flamingos Flock Together shirt is still one of my FAVES!  I don't think you can go wrong with a SUPER soft, gray, perfectly cut shirt.....but adding bright pink flamingos flock together front and center sort of take it to the next level in my opinion!  It is on HEAVY rotation (like...I should be a little embarrassed) over here!  I think my favorite part is that it has a matching shirt for your little flamingos, and the pics of everyone with their Flock are cracking me up! 

Snacks are a big part of a day at the pool! I have been eating a bag every two days of these Simply Balanced dried Pineapples! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! I mean....they are of course they are good for you and it is acceptable to eat almost an entire bag in one sitting.  Not only are these goodies getting me through....but I have been drinking Starbucks Refreshers again and I swear they have more caffeine that coffee! Give it a shot, and thank me later!!!!!!!

I also received this speaker for my birthday this past year and I LOVE it! It is loud, waterproof, and has proved to be very durable!  I think it is the perfect backyard speaker....poolside or not!  It comes in different sizes and I think it makes a great speaker for your favorite tween's bedroom as well! 

Can you even get over the inside of this hat? 

I have also been spending my school car line time reading lately and have really been enjoying these books!  They are easy reads, and really get you thinking about what feed yourself and how you choose to live.  I am not a total health buff, but I enjoy reading about how people choose to live! 

I have been hearing about crazy cold weather for a lot of you, just know that pool days are coming.....and when they get here....THEY WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

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