Monday, June 16, 2014

On Lake Time - In Maine

We have been visiting Maine nearly every summer (and some winters) since I was born...and it is a tradition that I will never break!  I LOVE Maine!  I love seeing my family!  I love living the lake life!  

This year we were able to make it up to go to my baby cousin's wedding!  It was BEAUTIFUL, and we all had a really great time!   Having my sister and her family, and my parents all here for the weekend was perfect!  

My Grampy!  He broke his back 2 times....still walks...and is still rock solid! 

Father's day hugs!

This baby will be framed in my house!  I think my Grampy lives for visits with all of us!

After the reception....the wedding turned into a party at my cousins house.  This is how we party in Maine....and yes that is my dad in the middle....and yes this was his idea!  

We had a big bbq with our cousins last night for Father's Day!  My dad was on cloud 9 being able to spend such a fun day with all of us! He is such a wonderful dad and always has supported my sister and I in whatever we were into.....and he is the BEST grumpy ever to our kids! We are all so lucky!

 I was on cloud 9 because everyone was super excited about wearing our "On Lake Time" shirts, and being twins for the day! 

This guy right here is such an AMAZING father!  He works so hard for his family, comes home with a smile every single day....changes clothes and immediately jumps right into their sports, homework, or whatever else we are into for the day!  He never picks up his phone or works from the second he steps into our home...and knows how to put the three of us first.  He makes me want to be a better mom/wife every single day!  So glad he had such a fun family filled day!!!!!

It made me so happy that we were able to be in Maine to spend Father's Day with my Grampy!!!!!  (he totally wore his Yankees shirt inside out as a joke because everyone is Red Sox fans except for him! I thought he was losing his mind and needed help getting dressed when he first arrived!)

Daily smores....a must!  I even found gluten free graham crackers and have totally chowed down nightly. (and daily!)


If you have EVER been to Maine in the are fully aware that the water is FREEZING!!!!! But when you are from Florida and you are used to water being warm......this is pretty much painful!  The kind of painful that takes your breath away as you swim....and then you suddenly turn numb and you forget how awful it all feels!  Well, I made the plunge and swam out to the floating dock to relax with the kids today!  Very refreshing!!!!!

Today was a big hike!  It said "easy trail" but I am pretty sure if you ask my mom about it...she will inform you it was NOT easy!  The view at the top was all WELL worth it!  

The rest of our vacation is going to be just as fun and adventurous!  We have plans for more hikes, daily swims, smores, visiting family, and just relaxing!  

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