Friday, June 6, 2014


Today is our 3rd day of Summer Vacation and I am EXHAUSTED!  We have been up at the crack of dawn and down way past our bedtimes.....but have had a blast!  Today is our lazy day where I have plans of actually going to the grocery store so that we have food in our house, and maybe cooking a real meal!  (maybe!)

Here is what we have been up to......

We have a community pool, and we have met up with friends both days.  I remember I used to spend ALL day....EVERY day at the pool when I was growing up!  All we had to do was pass the swim test and we could ride our bikes to the pool without our parents and just spend the entire day! (pool rats!) I LOVED it!  We don't have lifeguards, and I wouldn't want to miss out on the I tag along! I am still the world record holder (of our family) for holding my breath while swimming the length of the pool! BAM!

Getting in a super hot and steamy car after being at the pool for a few hours is AWFUL... so we prefer to ride bikes.  (and it maybe JUST maybe they will wear out even faster if I jam pack their day full of exercise)

Chad surprised us with tickets to see the Rays VS  Marlins game last night and we were 4 rows behind the Marlins dugout.  Collin was SUPER excited, and Kacey actually seemed pretty stoked too!  (and less excited about posing next to a DJ Kitty)

I went to middle and high school with a player on the Marlins, and Chad played AAU baseball with him!  Our kids now consider us the COOLEST PARENTS EVER because they got to see him, talk to him, and he threw them a ball with his signature.  Collin has already declared that we HAVE to go to the store and buy a ball case for his signed ball! 

Chad and I decided that as people cleared was totally cool to send our kids a few rows down to the first row.  They thought they were cool eating sunflower seeds and drinking beer, and we pretended we were on a hot kid less date! (beer actually belonged to whoever was sitting there first, but makes for a better story if we sent our kids away AND let them drink beer)

Thank goodness they like each other! 

These kids walked away with FOUR balls!!!!!!!!! 1- signed and thrown to them by our friend from the Marlins 2- Man a few seats from me SAVED MY LIFE and caught a fly ball and gave it to them 3- I randomly sat down in my seat at the beginning of the game and a practice ball was literally just sitting there 4- another Marlins player threw a ball at them while they were sitting in the front row. (assuming it was because they were drinking beer)

I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation....or counting down the days till yours begins!  I have a few tutorials that I am working on for a fun little sewing project this weekend!  Can't wait to share!


  1. Summer may be exhausting, what with all the activities you all been through, but it’s definitely fun! Especially for the kids, because summer is one of their most awaited time of the year, where they can play freely and enjoy without worrying about any school work. And it's good to know that they really did enjoy their summer vacation. Also, summer wouldn’t be complete without swimming. It’s great that you have access to your community pool, and had a wonderful time under the sun.

    Lindsay Wood @ PoolShopWA

  2. It’s good to see that you had fun during the summer. What better way to spend it than go for a cool dip in the pool, eh? It looks like your kids will grow up loving swimming pools just like you do. Well, good thing you have unrestricted access to the community pool. Cheers!

    Peter Weiderman @ Guardian Industries

  3. The best place to enjoy the summer is down at the community swimming pool. Forget the video games because there is no substitute for the water. The only stressful thing that I have to do this summer is catching the kids and put on high factor sun block. After that its a day by the pool and then trying to get the children out of the water when its time for dinner.

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools


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