Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saturday Style

I have an issue with shying away from color when it comes to my clothes and my house.  I have decided that I am okay with it!  I prefer to have black, white, gray, and navy clothing and then have a few fun color accessories to spice it up a bit.  

I stumbled across Kate Spade Saturday and I pretty much wanted EVERYTHING.  I LOVE how the clothes are pretty simple, and all of her accessories are funky and fun.  Plus...stripes! I can NEVER have enough stripes in my life!

They have a sale going on today for 40% off your ENTIRE purchase, so this good thing turned into a GREAT discovery!  Here are a few of my faves! 

Purse: I LOVE a good cross body bag! I love how this one isn't bulky and looks like it would lay flat against your hip! This white bag is super cute too, I am just not sure if it is too bulky for me.

Dress: This dress looks so cute and relaxed! I am a sucker for stripes and the BEST part is that it is reversible so it is a super cute black dress with striped sleeves as well! I think it is kind of pricey at full price, but with the 40% off....and factoring in it is basically TWO dresses in one...It is justifiable. :)

Sneaks : These are just too fun to add to any outfit...and I rarely find shoes that I like that are 40% off! Perfect to add a little color to your weekends!!!!

Initial Shirt : I have always wanted to add initial shirts to my shop, but the inventory literally gives me a headache! I LOVE this sweatshirt....and again....totally doable with the 40% off code!

Phone Case:  I love all things zodiac!  I don't read it daily....I don't live my life by it....I just think it is so fun to classify people by their birthdays! It makes me laugh because you have NO control over the the day you are born....and you get to enter into this little zodiac club the min you are born.  Even crazier that I am a Libra....and generally every stereotype is true! lol!

Shirt: I LOVE this style shirt! I am petite and I just feel like this neckline is so flattering!

Weekender: I have a serious LOVE of duffel bags and weekenders!  It might be because they mean you are going somewhere when you bring them out....but either way, I love them!  I LOVE this style bag, and the fact that you can design your own BLOWS MY MIND!

I hope you have just as much fun searching on this site and get to use the code "EXTRA40" to get 40% off your ENTIRE purchase! WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps....don't forget to check out our shop and our NEW St. Patrick's day goodies AND baseball and soccer blankets!!!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. OMG! I ordered the weekender (not the design your own because it turned out that it wasn't part of the 40%) and I LOVE it!!!!!!!! I was kind of stressed about a weekend away baseball it can't get here fast enough so that I can use the bag! ha!


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