Monday, February 2, 2015

I Heart You

I hope you all had a nice.....RELAXING......weekend!  I spent 90% of mine watching my kids play sports, and I am TOTALLY okay with that!  Collin had 3 soccer games (totally got killed ALL 3 games...EEK!), Kacey had 1 soccer game (and had the BEST game of her life, and I missed it because Chad and I played paper rock scissors and I was at Collin's game), and Collin had 1 baseball game (and was pitcher for his first time ever on this team and literally ONLY threw strikes! THIS KID IS A MACHINE!)  

Once all of our games were over....we rushed over to a Super Bowl Party at my parents house TO WATCH MORE SPORTS!  I honestly don't think I have EVER been interested in watching football, but I did watch the entire game, learned a lot......AND CHAD AND I TOTALLY HAD 4-4 ON OUR FOOTBALL POOL AND WON $$$$!!!!!! SCORE! I think I LOVE football now! 

Now the kids are back at school, Chad is back at work, and I have spent today packing and shipping out all of our Valentine's Day shirt orders......and climbed up in my attack to pull down the decorations.  I honestly had the board fall down over the "hole" in the attic floor and for a second I thought I was stuck up there! (total Lampoons Christmas Vacation Style) Lucky for me.....I was able to get out alive and decorate my house a little bit while I have a quiet home. 

I got the heart garland from Target last year (sold out but similar here)  and I LOVE it! I wanted to keep it out all year long, but I think packing it up and only putting it up in February makes it seem a little more exciting!  I also LOVE my "Olive You" canvas and can't wait to wear my shirt from last year!  Decorating this Mantel, regardless of the fact that I live in Florida and do not have a fireplace, just makes me happy! 

Don't forget to check out our shop and get your Valentine's Day goodies today!  They are shipping within one day....and will give you plenty of time to wear them before the big day!  Although.....They are both totally acceptable after Valentines and don't need to be packaged up with your decorations.  

Hope you all are having a GREAT day! 


  1. I love that shirt!! And I bought the wreath version of those hearts on clearance last year - gotta love target!

    1. I feel like I missed out! How did I not know there was a wreath!!!!!


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