Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Tween Sleepover

I have been busy planning a little Valentine's Day sleepover for my daughter and a few of her buddies.  We do it every year after the school dance, and this year they have decided to do the dance the week AFTER Valentine's day!  (don't even get me started that my daughter is in 4th grade and they have school dances! Weren't we in Middle School when that stuff started???)

I have had pink, red, black and white on the brain lately and all things hearts!  I have been wearing my All My Love and XOXO shirts on heavy rotation, and am pretty positive that I will not be packing either of them up with my holiday goodies this year.  I just can't!

I am not planning anything big for this festive sleepover....just a few sweet treats, some heart sunglasses for pictures, and Kacey has a long list of movies that she wants to watch.  I am sure it will really just be a lot of talking, snacking, and screaming! 

Kacey loves it when we take pictures of her friends at sleepovers, so I have purchased these balloons to hang behind them on the wall.  I am going to use my poloroid camera, and part of me wishes that I could invite my girlfriends over and do the same thing.  I got these glasses for each one of them (in different colors) for photo fun!

My FAVORITE baking book is EAT MORE DESSERT because it gives you amazing ideas...and it actually makes sense! I have made several of the cookies and treats and they actually WORKED! (I am NOT a baker, so this is saying a lot!)  We are making cake pops before the sleepover....but Kacey said she might want to make rice krispy treat hearts from this book while her friends are here. I mean....there isn't a rule about how much sugar you can eat on Valentine's day OR sleepovers so we are safe.  The spoons are just cute, and they are mini, and eating from mini utensils always makes food taste better. It is a proven fact!!!!!

I think it all just boils down to 1- I love to plan fun parties and sleepovers 2- I want my kids to ENJOY having their friends over 3- I want to plan as many fun activities while my kids still think my ideas are cool because I am fully aware that my time is limited in that department! 
Last year we made these photo props out of scrapbook paper, paper straws, and little wooden glasses we found at the craft store and loaded up with glitter!  So fun!!!!!

I hope you all are planning some fun get togethers for Valentine's Day!!!!!

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