Thursday, January 15, 2015

Half Marathon Training....What Works For Me

I have been meaning to write this post for months now!  I have also been meaning to start training for my upcoming half marathon for months as well....and they are basically both just getting done this week.

I run a local half marathon every year, and I truly love it!  I LOVE the excitement, the people watching, and just feeling alive and super proud of myself!  I don't, however, enjoy training for it!  I am not a hard core competitive runner, I am more like a girl who loves alone time and getting running kind of just works out for me.

I never go fast, I never stop, I just go! I found this training schedule 4 years ago when I literally googled "10 weeks until half marathon help!".  I stuck to it.....did exactly what it said....and I finished the race without any problem at all!  I would say that, for me, this schedule seems to work just fine!

Over the last 3 years I have generally started my marathon training with only 6 weeks I just pick right up at that week and MAKE myself stick to the schedule.  THE ONLY THING I ALTER is that I NEVER run more than 10 miles before the actual race.  I get blisters on my toes, regardless of the socks, shoes, lotions.... EVERY single time I run longer than 10 I just don't do it!  I figure adrenalin and amazing people watching will just get me thru the last 3.1 miles on the actual race day!
This past year I have constantly gone for runs....some long...some short...but I am very consistent with running at least 3 nights a week.   I just wanted to point out that I am not just getting from the couch to starting a half marathon program in the middle of the schedule. 

As of today....I have just over 5 weeks until this years half marathon!  I started training on Tuesday (I switched tuesday and wednesday because I just felt like it!) with a 5 mile run, and it was actually no problem at all!  I had a pace of 9min 35 sec/mile the entire time and never got out of breath or felt like I wanted to stop.  I just put on pandora radio to "2014 best in pop music", turned on my garmin watch, and just ran around and around and around the park that my kids had practice at.
I am in NO way a serious runner or in the position to give real training advice....I just wanted to tell you my favorite running gear and schedule that seem to work for me. 

I have always used the nike app on my phone to track my runs, but I just felt like it wasn't very Santa brought me this watch/tracker for Christmas! I have to say, I love it!  I have found that I check it less and let my body decide if I need to go faster or slower.  

This gum is a MUST for me when I am running over 4 miles.  I get bored, and thirsty, and I am not one that will carry around a bottle of water while I run.  I just don't want to carry it, and I honestly don't like the feeling of drinking while running.  The flavor doesn't last very long, but it randomly makes your mouth water and makes you feel like you have just had a few sips of gatorade.  It might be all in my head....but I swear by this stuff! 

I used to think it was absolutely CRAZY to have actual socks designated to running....BUT these socks are actually pretty amazing! I get blisters, BAD, and these socks seem to help pull the sweat away from your skin when you are running long distances.  Like I said....I am not a pro....I just know what I like...and I like these socks! If we are ever just short of making the "spend $50 and get $10 off" when we are shopping at Dicks...I always run back and grab a pair of these socks so that they are basically free! 

I really don't mind what type of shirt I wear when I run...I just don't like it too be too tight! I prefer thin shirts, even in the winter because I don't like having them cling to me.  This shirt is one of my favorites. 

I am iN LOVE with these pants! They are just so darn pretty and they hold everything in place, and don't show any sweat! I have come to learn that if there is one thing (other than shoes) that I will pay bigger bucks is running pants. When you are running higher distances you realize that good pants really do help you out, and make for a much more comfortable run! 

This past has made me feel motivated for my run is rainy and chilly so it would be nice to stay inside and drink tea...or wine.  :)


  1. This has gotten me motivated to take up running! 2015 is my year! I just was searching for a cool app for a couch to steps for me! 2016 can be a goal for a half! ;)


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