Friday, January 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Style

So I couldn't be more excited to list our first installment of NEW goodies to our etsy shop!!!!!  I can't even believe it is already time to get going on Valentine's day gear...but ready or it comes!

I absolutely LOVED the reindeer games tshirt, so I felt the need to continue with the same style tshirt for Valentine's day! I loved getting pictures of how everyone in warmer weather states were able to wear it and not sweat trying to be festive....while the lucky ladies in the snow were able to wear it with layers underneath or a cardigan/blazer over it!  Not to mention, it is incredibly soft and totally doubles as pajamas....which is what I seem to look for in clothing at all times!

I wanted to make a shirt that was a little sportier and show off my love to all the boy mamas out there too!  My son totally "okayed" the style/jersey of these I feel confident that it is a WIN! 

I also felt the need to add my favorite signature, "all my love" on this striped shirt!  It is the same fit/style as our "fiesta like there's no mañana" and the "red preppy reindeer" shirt, just with gray stripes!  How could you go wrong with that?!

I can't wait to hear your feedback on these, and look forward to sharing all of the fun new goodies heading to our store within the next few weeks....months.  BIG STUFF FOR 2015!!!!!

This pretty much looks like my "uniform" for the next month or so! I LOVE this cardigan because if you are cold and have to cover up the super cute stripes on the sleeves of the XOXO shirt....this adds them back! 

I have also added a coupon code for all of you early birds to save 15% off with the code "allmylove". Shirts will ship out the last week in January (aiming for earlier...but I really need to stop cutting it so close!) 


  1. Can't decide which shirt to get!!! Love them both!!

    1. Thanks!!!!!!! I am not a good person to ask! I am a "one of each" kind of girl when it comes to holidays. :)


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