Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gifts For Him

I have a hard time shopping for my husband!  He is a simple guy.....who doesn't like clutter....doesn't collect anything.....and EVERY single year I want to WOW him with something special!  Something that makes him say "OH WOW! I NEVER KNEW THAT I WANTED THIS......BUT NOW THAT YOU FOUND IT.....I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I LIVED WITHOUT IT ALL OF THESE YEARS!"  I have YET to achieve this reaction....but this might be the year! I have a few secrets up my sleeve! (OBVIOUSLY not included in this shopping guide!) I will keep you posted on the reaction!

Here are a few of my finds that I KNOW that Chad will love, and I could basically imagine any guy wanting them!  I find that the best guy gifts are a little funny, not something they would EVER buy, or tickets to something fun! 

-MONEY CLIP: Chad is rough on his wallets and I tend to need to buy him a new one every year or two.  I just love this money clip, and it is on SUPER SALE! At under $20 this is the gift for EVERY GUY! 

TICKETS TO AN EVENT: This is my "go-to" move for my husband and kids! They are all hard to shop for, but LOVE going to sporting events!  I generally give them a picture of the field, a calendar with a countdown to the date of the event and then spill the beans by actually filling in the date on the calendar with where we are going.  I LOVE THIS!

Garmen: They have them available in several different price points and I just think they are a super fun tool!  They encourage you to go faster, run farther, and are the BEST motivation for anyone that is competitive! I actually am hoping that Santa brings this to me too!

Shave Bag: I am a huge fan of this shave bag!  It is classic, leather, canvas, and on sale 40% off with code "festive".  Plus, he is going to need something to put all of his new razors in!

Shave Club: I purchased this for Chad and I have to admit.....I already gave it to him! I just couldn't wait!  The packaging was so funny, I wanted to hear if the razors were really as amazing as I have heard....and I am awful at keeping secrets from him!  HE LOVES IT!  I went ahead and purchased the every other month option for the beginning to see if he really does change out his razor every single week.  This is my "go to" gift for every guy on my list!

Bad Idea Shot Glasses: These are just funny....and so very appropriate at times! No need to explain why....just pretty sure everyone needs these!

I am almost 100% done shopping for my hubby, and I couldn't be happier about it!  I seriously stress about shopping for him! He doesn't ask for ANYTHING so it is all a guess.....and I feel the pressure big time!
If you are in the same boat......buy THIS game for your hubby, son, elephant exchange, or for yourself!  We have literally played this baby 3 times a week and can't even get enough! The possibilities for turning it into a drinking game even makes it THAT much better! And there is also a "party edition" that I don't have....but Now WANT!

Let me know if you have any guy gift ideas up your sleeve that I NEED to check into!

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