Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift Guide For Her

I LOVE this time of year for MANY reasons!  I love the traditions, the message, the family time, the feeling, the decorations.....and I have to admit.....I LOVE GIVING GIFTS!  I am a giver! I get such a joy out of shopping and finding the RIGHT gift for a special person!  Not only do I love GIVING the gifts....I like to watch them open it and see the joy on their face!  Its kind of ironic because I do NOT like opening gifts in front of people. AT ALL!  To the point where I didn't want to have a baby or wedding shower because the thought of opening in front of everyone made me sick!

But giving gifts....that's my thing!  I decided to start my gift selections with gifts for your girlfriends, mom, aunt, teacher, babysitter, or anyone in your life that you just feel the need to gift to!  This is also basically everything I want or already have and LOVE!  It took me forever because there are SO many things that I could think of to gift my favorite ladies!

Nickel and Suade Earrings: I have to admit, I am not generally a large earring kind of girl....but something about how simple these leather Evergreen earrings are draws me in!  I LOVE them! I can't think of any hair style that they wouldn't look good with! 

Mixed Metal Initial Necklace: I have this necklace with a K and C on each charm and I NEVER take it off!  EVER! I wear it with every outfit, every run, every shower, beach visits, and it  never leaves my neck!  I love how it is simple, can be mixed with gold or silver accessories and it is my favorite two initials! Coupon code NOW for anything in shop "25off".  STILL TIME TO GET A CUSTOM GIFT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! RUN!!!

Stacking Rings:  I wear the same three rings on a daily basis...but I do love switching it up every once in a while with a little color! These stackable rings are SUPER cute!  I wonder if you could separate them and give them as a little gift to multiple people. Would be a cute addition to some nail polish in a little gift set. 

Tassel Key Ring:  I think this is the PERFECT gift for a teen! I have always dreamed of walking outside and there being a new car with a big red bow on it.  (I basically watch too much tv)  This would be EXACTLY what my keys would be on in my "christmas present dream car" fantasy!  Since that isn't happening.....I think this is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who carries keys! 

Jamberry Stylebox: I am in love with Jamberry festive and fun nails!  They really work for me and the zero dry time is the BEST!  I think this is such a super fun gift to give someone that keeps right on giving after Christmas.  You can order the style box that will be delivered to them with nail wraps,  files, orange stick, and style guide!  What girl wouldn't want this?! (and it is a perfect "oh wow....thanks for the gift!!!!! I actually DID buy you a will be arriving in a month!)

Thank Full shirt:  Now obviously I LOVE this shirt! BUT I think it is the perfect gift to give a teacher, friend, or anyone that you are thankful for!  We have a SUPER sale going on right now and quantities are limited so don't miss out! No coupon needed....they are $20 and will be shipped monday. 

Slippers:  I have these....I live in these.....I will turn down my ac just so I can wear these! Enough NEED these!

Tote:  I have this bag in white, and I have had it for years! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Waterproof, perfect for shoving all of your belongings....and every coat that you child hands you while you are out and about!  I have been selling off all of my old purses because the truth is....I only need this one! 

Angel Food Candle:  I have yet to get this candle....but I walk around Anthropologie smelling it every time I am in there! This is the type of candle that you might not justify buying for yourself....but getting/giving it is a gift is PERFECT! 

I would love to hear what you all are asking for/gifting/ dreaming of this holiday season! 


  1. I absolutely love my Longchamp bag! I will never ever buy another kind of purse ever again!!!!!

    1. I do too!!!!! It is like a Mary Poppins bag....I just keep stuffing stuff in it!

  2. Replies
    1. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! And I didn't get it in my stocking!!!!!!!!!


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