Friday, October 3, 2014

A Little Halloween Twirl

So some days I like to dress up in my halloween clothes, walk over to my friend's house, and beg her to take pictures of my twirling around in my new favorite skirt!  Today was one of those days.....and I couldn't convince her to do it with me! 

I just wanted to show that you can totally dress up our tshirts for a night out this season.  I LOVE this skirt that I purchased at Brickyard Buffalo a few months ago but totally found one exactly the same if you are interested! (get ready to see the exact same outfit with our santa raglan and green skirt! When I LOVE something....I buy it in every color)

Shirt Without Bat, Basically The EXACT same skirt (use cartwheel app to get 25% off this week!)

We now have our Bat Shirts WITHOUT bows as well.  It is the exact same as the children's printed shirts, just for YOU! 

Sizes and Quantity are SUPER limited on our Halloween gear, so don't miss out!  There will never come a day when I can model, or even successfully pretend to....but it sure is fun to twirl in a skirt!

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  1. This whole outfit is perfection!! I'm working in both of my girls classes for their Halloween parties this year and need to come up with something Halloweeny for the first time in years. D'oh!


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