Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting Cozy In Here

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I have decided to put up a last minute fall/birthday/lazy wish list!  I love any and everything cozy, and just really want to have my windows open and snuggle on the couch with my family this time of year! (except for the fact that it is still hot we just turn up the ac and fans and pretend)

Last night was our first night in over two weeks that we haven't had practice for one of the kids, so we hung out in our pjs, ate popcorn, and watched halloween movies!  While I lOVE that my family is so active in sports, I honestly miss nights that we have ZERO plans!  I guess we can just continue to pray for rainy nights with closed fields if we feel the need to relax.

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I am pretty sure that it is obvious that I like anything cozy!  I am 100% a jeans, tshirt, and flannel kind of girl!  I have a closet full of super cute high heels, and I honestly only wear them to the movie theatre because I hate walking in them.  This whole board just seems so cozy to me, and I want to jump in it!

1- I LOVE sunglasses!  Not always trendy glasses, I like more of a classic pair that I can just keep in the car and have it match whatever I am wearing. These glasses are seriously on sale 25% off with code "family25"

 2- This candle is my FAVORITE! I stock up every year so that they will last me at least till beach season is back!  Just go to target, smell it, and thank me! YUM!!!!!

3-I was not sure that I would wear leopard shoes, because animal print really isn't my thing!  I purchased a cheaper pair last year at Target, and they have been GREAT but they have seen better days!  I am honestly in love with adding leopard in small doses (belt, shoe, scarf) and these shoes  look super cute and are also 25% off with the code "family25". I can't decided if I like them with the brown strap or black.

4- I went on a mall date with my daughter last weekend and we think it is the BEST to take a TON of clothes into the dressing room and just have a fashion show.  We did JUST that at the Gap and I honestly fell in love with this sweater! It has super long arms, which is my FAVORITE feature in a sweater because I LOVE using the sleeves as gloves! If that's your thing....YOU NEED THIS!

5- I have a serious obsession with blankets!  I honestly had this blanket STILL IN THE BAG from last year!  I purchased it around Christmas on sale, and put it away with my fall decorations for this year! It is on clearance now, so if you are into plaid, blankets, and just should check it out! It also comes in a darker brown, which is just as fall-ish!

6- It is no lie that I walk in my house, and throw on sweatpants!  Even in the dead of summer.....I wear sweatpants!  I am thinking these babies need to be added to my thermal collection!  And yes, it does get cold here....and no....we never turn our heater on so in the winter it can be in the 50's in my house in the morning!  I NEED THERMALS! :) I may have already surprised myself with these.

7- I purchased these slippers last year in tan, and I wore them every single day! I LOVE them!  They are on sale again and available in 3 colors! I wonder if that is overkill to have all 3 colors?

8- Wearing fun socks is really just to brighten your own day! Who really sees them under your boots?! I wear them on that off chance that I go into someone's home and everyone is taking their shoes off by the door!  THAT'S WHEN I WILL SHINE! ha!

I also wanted to thank you all SOOOO much for all of the love with our collaboration with Jessica Garvin on our "I Put A Spell On You" shirts!  I think my favorite part of my job is getting pictures tagged to me with everyone in their shirts!  Keep them coming and tag us at @kcsnead on instagram and #saseadecor.


  1. I totally thought of you when I saw that blanket! I was perusing their site and I actually almost got that exact one remembering you saying how soft it was! :)

  2. Just got some sweater leggings from the Gap. They are the coziest softest leggings ever! Run get some ��


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