Thursday, October 2, 2014

Feeling Fall-Ish

Fall is my FAVORITE.....but it honestly doesn't FEEL like fall until the middle of November in Florida.  I try to FEEL fall with clothes, candles, and turning my ac down low so that I can pull out the flannel pajamas nightly.  I am definitely convinced that this is the only season in Florida that is actually really missed.  Summer is HOT, winter is actually chilly....even cold some nights (not lying, it drops to the 30's at night here on occasion and that is COLD), spring feels beautiful.....BUT FALL....fall just doesn't happen!

I LONG for the days when I can wear boots, jackets are needed, and I can go for a run without feeling like I want to jump into a pool to cool off!

The hot weather is NOT GOING to stop me from adding a fun layer in the evening, or at least dressing in colors that remind me of what October should look like.  I was searching for a few pieces to shove in my purse and have ready the second the temperature drops low enough to need a jacket and I actually feel like I hit the jackpot at Forever 21!  I am also pretty sure that their clothes aren't of the highest quality for I should be just find wearing these on 70 degree nights! SCORE!

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  • 1: This dress!!!!! I am sure that it would go down past my knees and I would need to hem it, but to me, this SCREAMS fall!  
  • 2: I am LOVING the slit up the side of sweaters this season!  I love how it makes any shirt drape perfectly and doesn't show off your zipper or button on your jeans.  Not to mention this color just looks like a carmel apple , and that  is always a good idea! 
  • 3:  I am getting this poncho and keeping it in my car!  It is the colors of my kid's soccer and baseball teams, short sleeves, has a pocket, and a hood! What's not to love! 
  • 4: I believe that EVERY mom needs to have a poncho like this!  PERFECT for travel, sports games, throwing in your purse and adding to any outfit....AND I love how you can still see the shirt underneath! 
I am totally aware that I am NOT 21, and that I am actually closer to 40 than 21! I am totally okay with that! I have NO problem peeking my head in the store....BUT ONLY DURING SCHOOL HOURS SO THAT I DON'T FEEL SUPER OLD LOOKING AROUND WITH THE 16 YEAR OLDS!

I hope you all are enjoying your fall weather...whatever the weather may be! 

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