Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Halloween Outfit Prep

I grew up in Northern Virginia and going back to school meant layers, football games, flannel shirts, and Halloween Prep!  The weather seemed to automatically get cool in the evenings just in time for the first friday night football game.  I loved that!  I miss that!  It is a brisk 95 here on a daily basis and I think it is hard to get into the feel of fall! I think it makes me honestly go full force and truly embrace Halloween and all the I am in search for the feeling of fall! 

We currently have our Halloween gear in our shop for preorder pricing ($20 each) and that will be offered until this Friday.  Preordering not only gives you a makes it so that you don't miss out on wearing the coolest shirts ever for the upcoming holiday!  Last year we sold out SOO fast that I have literally received several emails a month for the entire year begging me to bring them back!  DON'T MISS OUT!  

I put together a little inspiration for getting your festive gear all set and ready to roll.  I like to plan ahead for holidays because I swear that EVERYTHING I put on my "Man, I want to get that closer to the holidays" list....sells out and I am stuck with a less than festive outfit.  I try to make sure that some of my layers can be used after the holidays too! This cardigan is kind of a must....thick stripes call to me! 

I honestly LOVE everything in this picture!  I have these shorts (on sale today) and I can't tell you how amazing they are!  They are long enough that you won't embarrass your kids, and the scallop is so cute!  I ordered this skirt from Brickyard Buffalo and I can't even wait to tuck in my bat shirt with some fun sandals! IS IT OCTOBER YET??????? 

Dressing halloween themed the ENTIRE month of October is kind of a fun goal.  It makes volunteering in school, grocery shopping, working, and basically everything seem more enjoyable!  Adding pumpkin flavored coffee, handful of candy corn daily, and decking your home out helps out too! back to 95 degree weather dreaming of a cool breeze! 

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