Friday, August 22, 2014

Baggage....The Pretty Kind

I have this strange obsession with duffle bags!  I need them to have no structure so that I can shove them in my tiny closet, they have to be able to be filled to the max and still zip, they need to be made of canvas or cotton, and I NEED a long strap to use them as a cross body bag as I carry it.  I have NO clue why...but I have always obsessed over these little details when picking out soccer bags as a kid, college luggage, and any bag after that!  

I found these super cute duffle bags at JCrew last winter and ordered it for Kacey but I totally ordered the WRONG monogram so I packed it up in my closet and waited to give it to her until I figured out exactly what to do!  With the help of some amazing ladies on instagram (@kcsnead) I was able to decide on a super cute monogrammed patch that I just sewed right on and covered up my big mistake! WINNER!!!!!

The bags are FINALLY back at Jcrew.....on sale....and now available in navy blue also!  (Note: They are small, I highly doubt it would be enough room for me to use as a weekender bag....BUT IT IS THE PERFECT SLEEPOVER BAG FOR KIDS!!!!!!!) AND because I am slightly in love with button down shirts and jackets...and I love a good sale....I surprised myself with this beauty!  Now I just have to wait for it to drop below 95 and hopefully I will be able to wear it soon!

BAG (BAG IN BLUE), MONOGRAM PATCH,  HAT, SHADES (brickyard buffalo last summer), SHIRT, BOOK

This picture was a few of Kacey's MUST HAVES on our Myrtle Beach trip a few weeks ago!  If you have a daughter interested in sports......BUY THIS SERIES!  I have never seen my daughter so into reading....and reading isn't really her thing! 


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