Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back To School For Us

My kids went back to school on Monday and I have to say.....I was super sad to drop them off knowing how quiet my house would be when I got back home!  I decided to stop off at Target instead of going straight home to work....and after getting 1 cup of coffee instead of also buying them a little something....walking around the entire store without anyone asking if we can buy anything.....I looked at a few magazines and books without being told that anyone was bored.....and I realized...I AM GOING TO BE A-OKAY THIS SCHOOL YEAR! 

This picture seriously makes me smile!  Kacey gives the BEST hugs, and sometimes the hardest hugs!  
This guy is SUCH a homebody!  He is pretty bummed to be back at school, but I know he will have a great year!  He is begging me already to come to lunch every day and start volunteering.  It makes my heart happy....but I need to let him get used to everything before I start going in! (at least that is what my husband is telling me....I REALLY want to go eat lunch with him!)

Kacey is SOO excited about school this year!  She is a really loving her teacher and one of her Best buds is in her class, so all is well in her world!  It is taking some serious getting used to her being in 4th grade because I can totally remember when I was in 4th grade...and I remember feeling so grown! 

Now for a little picture dump of our super fun summer vacation!  It felt like it went by SO fast, but at the same time it feels like these pics were taken FOREVER ago!

Chad surprised us with super close seats for the Rays VS Marlins game and the kids got 4 BALLS!!!!! One was signed by our friend from high school that plays on the Marlins and the kids pretty much still talk about how cool we are for knowing him! 

My parents planned a fun RV Camping trip with the kids...and I couldn't stay away! I drove over there every day and hung out because I really just hate to miss a good party!  Collin and my dad are best buds....just building a good smores fire and enjoying happy hour! ha!

We spent a week in Maine and loved every single minute of it! Being On Lake Time...and wearing matching clothes with your family makes me happy!  

We hiked, went for canoe rides, made a million Smores, went swimming in FREEZING water, went to my cousins wedding, played with cousins, mini golf, ate our weight in Lobster Rolls....and had a complete blast!  Maine is our happy place and I LOVE that my kids and Chad love it as much as I do!

We spent hours and hours at the pool! (seriously....the BEST way to get out of the house and wear your kids out!)
We spent 4th Of July with some of our favorite people on the lake!  These kids are lifers and they make me smile!

And I may or may not have spilled an entire glass of Sangria when we went over a big wave....and it looked like blood was splattered EVERYWHERE.  Pretty amazing and typical! 

My sister and I spotted a REAL LIVE cowboy while we were out on date night with our hubbies! 

Spent an amazing week at the beach with family! I could seriously pack up my entire house, sell everything except a few pieces and move to the beach tomorrow!  I just can't get enough!

My baby girl turned 10!!!!! She had a super fun party with her favorite friends!!!!! Watching your daughter interact with her friends and you can honestly say that if you were 10 years would WANT to be friends with pretty freaking amazing! 

Skateboarding in the house is kind of his favorite thing!  I have scratches and bumps on my walls to prove that he loves it...and does it daily!

Tacky Tourist day at myrtle beach pizza arcade was one of their favorites!  I also found out that I am the all time CHAMPION of arcade beer pong!  It may have taken me $25 in tokens....but I did not lose! I am currently trying to convince my husband that I need a ping pong table to challenge the world! 

I had an amazing idea to stop at Sam Snead's and we would all cover the Sam and it would look like we had our own restaurant...FAIL!  Oh well!  The best part is that my husband really used to be a golf pro and EVERYONE always asks if we are related...sometimes I lie!

My babies got to meet their baby cousin, Nolan!  I have listened to them ask me on a daily basis since we came home if we could go back and visit him....or when is he going to be able to play sports with them..and on and on!  I miss this little face!

And last week I took the kids to the beach with their buddies to get our fix before life gets all hectic with homework, sports, and just craziness!  
This might be my favorite shot of the entire summer!  Collin has pretty much mastered the skimboard because he practices for hours on end.....but I caught his big crash! ha!

August is honestly the one month I CAN NOT STAND!  There are zero fun holidays, school starts, it is entirely TOO hot in florida to even ever be comfortable outside....and I just feel like I want it to be Halloween already!  I am trying to embrace this month and find something to love about it! 


  1. Love this recap!!! Looks like you guys had the best summer ever!!!! :)

    1. Thanks girl! Yes we did! If we sit still too long things start to go I keep it moving! :)


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