Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fiesta In The Fall

I love a good party.....AND I love the fall.....so it only makes sense that we teamed up with Jessica again to offer her chalk print on our favorite gray pullover!!!!!  This shirt is the perfect choice for any friday night fiesta, Taco Tuesday, school party, bachelorette party, or just when you are having a crap day and you want to spice it up a bit!  We decided on gray for two reasons.....1-gray is both of our "go to" color when it comes to sweatshirts (or really any shirt) and 2-because fall means layers and gray is the best color to layer with flannel shirt, jewelry or scarf!

I will never be the person that shows up for a party or event overdressed!  I WILL, however, show up as the most festive!  Here is what I am planning on wearing this fall....winter...and spring.  

We also added onesies and youth pullovers this time!  I can't even wait to see pictures of this onesie on every fiesta baby!  I miss dressing my babies and would totally pair it with some fun leggings/leg warmers! All Shirts are on preorder price right now and will go up $5 each on Friday.  Don't miss out!

I have received so many emails of people who have planned birthday parties and bachelorette parties around our shirts, and it totally makes my day!  Don't forget to check out Jessica's chalkboard prints here to decorate your fiesta with!

Cheers......Enjoy your Taco Tuesday! 

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