Thursday, September 4, 2014

Checklist For Your Evening

I am making a habit out of having my shirts include a checklist of what I need to do!  First it was our Coffee, Carpool, Cocktails shirt.......but then I just felt so lost once I arrived home!  I needed a cozy sweatshirt hanging by the front door to change into and remind me my next three steps of the day! is our new checklist.

It speaks to you right?! Once I am in my sweats.....there is no coming back! There will be no more changes for the day, no quick trips to the grocery store, no desire to run, and I will not be leaving my house.  Sweats are kind of a lights out signal to the world that I am done for the day!  

With that being is sort of a given that once I am in my sweats, I have already removed my bra AND put my hair up on the top of my head.   Regardless of how comfortable my all time favorite bra is, or how long it took me to straighten/curl my hair....THEY NEED TO COME OFF! 

We have these sweatshirts in our shop now available for preorder and thru Friday we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25 with the code "freeship".  Don't miss out! 


  1. I LOVE THIS!! I'm 8months pregnant right now and taking my bra off is my favourite part of my day like actually. Except I suppose once the baby comes that won't be an option lol. But that sweater is awesome!

    1. oh, it is ALWAYS an option! :) Actually, when I had a newborn I don't think I ever changed out of my sweats. :)


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