Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Anniversary Month

September marks my anniversary month!  I am TOTALLY in shock that we have almost been married for 11 years! Still blows my mind every single time I think about it!

Chad and I brought our 3 month old baby, Kacey, to our first anniversary (we call her our honeymoon souvenir) and I was 7 months pregnant with Collin on our 3rd anniversary.  Needless to say, we really didn't do anything big to celebrate each year.   We did not have any family near us, and Chad and I both worked long hours and really just spent every possible free hour with our kids.

Fast forward to the last few years....and we are enjoying really planning and celebrating our marriage, friendship, and each other.   It's fun!  It's worth it! And it is the PERFECT excuse to plan a kid free night/weekend/event!

On our 9th Anniversary, my husband told me that he would run a half marathon with me!!!!! That might sound like a crazy gift to some people.....but it was honestly the most romantic and amazing thing I could ever ask for!  I had been wanting to run one, and didn't want to train and do it alone!  Chad is not a runner and he was going to put forth the effort to train and run 13.1 miles by my side....just because it would make me the happiest girl alive!  We spent the next couple of months having "running dates" followed by take out, shared our song playlists, and encouraged each other to keep up with our goals.

It is kind of funny because running a marathon of any type (full or half) is pretty much like a marriage!  It is scary to sign up for it, some miles are easy, some miles suck so bad you want to just walk off, and yet you just keep going....and going....and regardless of how many miles you have have this awesome partner beside you that is going through every good or crappy mile by your side!  (DEEP HUH?!)

ANYWAYS, that was a gift that I will always cherish, and it makes me feel so beyond special every single time I think that Chad did that just for ME!

Our kids were there to cheer us on at the end, and that was such a burst of emotions for me!  For the many HOURS that we cheer them on and encourage them in sports, school, and life...having them cheer for us and see us work so hard was AMAZING!

Like I said....some miles were HARD....SOME WERE AWESOME....AND ALL OF THEM WERE W MY MAN!


Last year was A BIG ONE! 10 years!!!!! I totally planned, kept a secret for months, and surprised Chad with a weekend trip to Las Vegas to renew our vows!  I am AWFUL at keeping secrets, especially when it is from Chad, so this was soooo beyond hard!  I had planned every detail, and had the kids work with me to send him on a scavenger hunt to have him guess our big adventure.  

I LOVED having the kids be such a fun part of our journey!!!!!

This was our first weekend away in 10 years!!!!!  
I am not even kidding that we couldn't stop laughing and felt like little kids when we got out of our cab at The Little White Chapel!  SOO MUCH FUN!!!!

I originally felt like I would be so serious and probably cry.....but I honestly laughed like a little girl for the most part!  We enjoyed every single minute of this, and felt like we were on set of a movie! 

You bet your ass I paid extra for the photographer!!!!! Who doesn't want their picture taken with baby naked angels! ESPECIALLY when this was the same place they filmed the Hangover wedding scene!

This picture cracks me up!  Gotta love a good posed wedding pic! 

We had the BEST time ever in Vegas and I honestly wish we could go back every single year!  It is the one place that we could go and not say "I wish the kids were with us!"  

Anniversaries are milestones and SHOULD be celebrated!  I can't wait until we get to celebrate our 11th in a few weeks!!!! 

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