Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

I can see some serious signs of Spring around here!  Our weather has been in the upper 70's and low 80's this week, and it has me dreaming of spring/summer!  I live for a break from school, a break from sports, a break from homework, and just having my crew home all spring and summer break!  

This year, I am loving all of the fun accessories that make you FEEL like my favorite time of year is just around the corner!  I have put together a little taste of what I am loving/dreaming of/and drooling over lately!  They all just sort of give the vibe of going on adventures and making memories...and that is EXACTLY what I plan on doing this year! 

I love buying sunglasses! I feel like if you find a pair that actually looks cute on....THEN YOU NEED THEM!!!!! The issue is, that I am actually REALLY good at keeping track of my glasses, so I have a lot of them! (Chad....he loses each and every pair he gets! So he is constantly getting new shades)  I love this pair because they are different than anything I currently have, and they just look fun! And who doesn't want fun glasses?!

This weekender is on my DREAM list!  I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I get so temped each and every time they give out a coupon code on their instagram account. (always follow your fave brands on instagram...I swear they always give the best coupon codes there!) They put out their NEW spring line TODAY and it is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!!!!

I do have this hat and I LOVE IT! I have a big head (or maybe just big hair) and I like to buy my hats in the men's section. This hat just screams spring/summer to me! I am usually really good about putting sunscreen on my face daily, but I like the idea of double protection with a good hat! 

I am the queen of having a trunk full of any/everything you could possibly need while out and about! I have a bag filled with sunscreen, bug spray, band aids, hair ties, and toilet paper. (because seriously, if you have ever made it to a championship sports KNOW that there is no toilet paper left for the last game) I always have two fold up chairs because we spend a LOT of time watching our kids play sports...BUT I refuse to carry any more than 2 chairs! I have picnic blankets for my kids, and they can just spread them out....and do their thing.  Kacey usually hangs out on the blanket for a little bit with her girlfriends, and Collin NEVER rests long enough to use them. 

I have a similar beach radio and I LOVE it! This one is on super sale ($15) and I am pretty sure that I am going to buy several of them for all of Kacey's friends with spring/summer birthday parties! I think it is a super cute gift idea to add with an iTunes gift card.  We have had great luck with these radios on the beach, they aren't SUPER loud, but nobody wants to be the annoying family with the loud music that nobody else wants to hear! 

The picnic basket is just something that I want/NEED! I consider a good picnic basket....a traveling party box! I LOVE how this one has room for a wine bottle (or water bottle) and I LOVE IT!  Who doesn't want to show up to a picnic carrying this baby?! 

I am usually a HUGE fan of winter (or whatever winter means in Florida), but this year I truly am over it! It might be the pool that is just staring at me daily and entirely TOO cold to jump in (for me! the kids have been in it on a regular basis....but 65 degree water is NOT for me!) or maybe it is that I have lived in Florida for 15 years now and I am finally a Floridian! Either way....I am ready and waiting! 

I also have some super fun new shirts that will be in our shop next week...and ready to ship! Think....Mermaid. 


  1. Omg girl....what I would give for 65 degree weather days! I wanna be a Floridian! love that weekender and shades! Sadie breaks mine so I hit up target on the reg for new ones!

  2. The weekender bag is seriously on my wish list! (Dream list) Move to Florida!!!!!! You wouldn't have to worry about silly things like Winter! ��


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