Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girlfriend Gift Guide At Anthro Sale

I am a total gift giver! I will FIND a reason to send someone a gift because, selfishly, it makes ME feel good!  There is just something about thinking of someone and feeling as though I know them well enough to get them something THEY would want! (and the majority of the time....I would want as well!) 

I have tried to make it a habit to plan ahead for birthdays or events.  This past year I took advantage of each one of the Anthropologie sales and stocked up on gifts for upcoming birthdays, weddings, showers, or rainy days!  Here are a few of the gifts that I have found in the current sale that would be PERFECT for any girlfriend's special day, or just to put a smile on their face! 

Tea Towels: I love giving tea towels with wedding shower gifts. I think it adds a little something extra and a pop of color to gifts! This set is basally my favorite, and I want a matching set for myself! 

Notebook: I like to add notebooks to teacher gifts, gifts for Mother's Day, or to a girlfriend in need of a journal or two.

Cheers Opener: This is SUPER cute to hang on a bottle of wine or wine glass for a hostess gift! 

Luggage Tag: Fun idea for bridal shower! You can add their NEW married name on a pretty label inside of the tag.

Clutch: THE MOST AMAZING CLUTCH EVER! I wish that I would actually go somewhere fancy enough to use this! This is something that you buy as a gift for your favorite party/fancy girl!

Notebook: I purchased this notebook for a girlfriend for Christmas and I was honestly REALLY impressed with the quality! It is a leather zip around and I just think that every girl needs a pretty journal.

Pie Plate: I am NOT a chef, and I generally sign up to bring a gift card when someone is in need of dinner. BUT I do make a pretty mean turkey pie and I am going to purchase this set for a special friend that is in need of a nice warm family dinner. It is nice to be able to let them keep the pretty pie plate! (and server!) 

Now, I am a big time gift giver...but I am also REALLY great at buying gifts for myself. :) I happened to purchase this "gift" for myself this morning! I have NEVER been one to love leather clothing, but this vegan leather just looked so yummy, and the reviews were GREAT! When a piece is described as "soft as butter"....I NEED IT!

Don't forget to use coupon code "xtra40" to get additional 40% off of all sales item! WHOOP!!!

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